Review: The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions

One thing that I am is a book worm, I love reading anything from true life to fiction, comedy to horror and yet I have never owned an erotic novel. In the past I have found erotic novels to be either to fake or way too lovey dovey for my liking.

Bored one day of my current books I decided to give erotic novels another go, I browsed for hours looking for an erotic novel that would appeal to me and just as I was about to give up I came across The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions by Barbara Cardy on Amazon.

What appealed to me about this book was not only is it true confessions but there is a large selection of them. I really hoped that this book would be the book for me and not something that would just collect dust.

erotic confessions


Containing over 100 true confessions on a 512 page paperback, this book certainly is a mammoth. Featuring confessions from spanking to water sports, foursomes to newly wed’s on their honeymoon; this book has a story for everyone.

Although the book is bulky it is a good size and can easily fit into you’re handbag to read on the train, the cover on this book is not to obvious and I found nobody looking at me oddly when I did read it out in public but if you’re not brave enough to read this book in public then you can download the kindle version instead.

My verdict

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of confessions this book contained. There are so many different confessions to choose from and the chapter pages made it easy for me to find the stories I was after.

Some of the stories shocked me and trust me I’m not one who is easily shocked! Others made me go ‘ouch’ (the urethra play) and some made me wonder if they really were true because they just seemed to unrealistic but on whole the majority of the stories in this book I enjoyed and was aroused by. Not only is this book arousing but it was great for giving me new ideas and learning about new fetishes.

My only fault with this book is that some of the stories just don’t sound like they could be true but fortunately I could count those stories on one hand. If you’re an erotic novel fan or looking to buy you’re first book then I definitely recommend The Mammoth Book of Erotic confessions from Amazon costing £6.57 for paperback or £3.99 for kindle. This book has something for everyone in it.

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Love Vivienne Violet



Friends with benefits

We have all heard of the term friends with benefits (FWB) and if you haven’t then the term basically means: a friend(s) who you have casual sex with but nothing else, no dates, no commitment, just good old sex.

It wasn’t until recently that friends with benefits became main stream in our culture with movies such as no strings attached, friends with benefits and the TV series SATC. Now it seems that everybody has to have a friend with benefits, lets face it sometimes sex toys really aren’t enough and I will put my hand up and admit that I have also had a friend with benefits…Ok I lie I’ve had three but with having friends with benefits I discovered that it wasn’t always as simple as it seems.

FWB 1: For the first 3 years of our friendship we were having no strings attached sex, this was my first ever FWB and we were incredibly lucky that it went well. Not only did we have amazing sex and experimented a lot but as friends we grew closer and I soon trusted him with everything as he did with me. For the past 4 years we have been solely just friends, if anything we now class ourselves as best friends.

FWB 2: Unfortunately this FWB wasn’t long lived, a couple of months to say the least. We had good sex and a lot of fun together but apart from that there really wasn’t anything between us and as horrible as this may sound I don’t miss him nor the sex but I’m pretty sure that his feelings are also mutual.

FWB 3: I really liked FWB 3, we was polar opposite yet so alike. We grew a really strong bond together and like FWB 1 we became more friends than sex. Unfortunately though he had to move away and our friendship soon sizzled along with the sex.

There are many pros and cons in friends with benefits, as much as I can praise the arrangement I can also fault it. A friend with benefits is like any other friendship/relationship; it is a unique individual experience. It can go incredibly well yet it can also go terribly wrong. There is no safe way of not getting hurt in these arrangements, emotions are a powerful thing and as appealing as it is to begin with it can also be difficult to accept when you become attached.

The one thing I have learnt from having friends with benefits is to always go in with you’re eyes wide open, never expect a relationship to form out of this – although relationships can happen as a result, on whole the majority don’t.

Pro’s of FWB

  • No strings attached sex: you don’t have to worry about the whole commitment part of the relationship.
  • Experimenting: It is so much easier to experiment with a friend with benefits compared to other relationships, relationships take time to build not only in sex but in other areas, a friend with benefits is solely there for the sex – no need to work on much else but the trust and communication in that department
  • Convenience: It’s great when your friend with benefits lives near you, just one call and they will be at your door within 10 minutes

Con’s of FWB

  • Emotions: Unfortunately there is no on/off button for emotions, that’s what makes us human and they normally are the end to most friends with benefits relationships.
  • STD’S: One thing about friends with benefits is that they normally fall under an open relationship, let’s face it you can’t tell your friend not to sleep with others – that would come under a relationship not casual sex. You always have to protect yourself and your friend in this arrangement.
  • Relationships: It can be difficult in new relationships after having a friend with benefits, for one you or your friend may become jealous of the new relationship and secondly even if you both ended the arrangement amicably your current new partners may not be impressed that you still stay in contact.

Love Vivienne Violet


Review: Bondara’s spanking paddle

One thing I love most is being spanked; the intense feeling of being spanked across my ass cheeks is truly orgasmic in itself. I have always asked to be spanked and fortunately I found most partners were happy to oblige, so much so that I converted a few into the world of spanking. Unfortunately though after a few spanks their hands would become raw, now whilst I like my ass cheeks to feel raw I don’t like my spankers hands too, the reason? I don’t get as many spanks out of it.

So I decided to search for a spanking paddle, something that would be firm enough to satisfy me yet affordable for my first paddle. I came across and found a spanking paddle costing only 11.99; it looked perfect for my first paddle.



Bondara’s spanking paddle is handcrafted and made of high quality leather; it is just under 12inches in length with the paddle 4inches in width. The paddle is in the shape of a hand whilst the handle is chrome studded to give you better grip. I was concerned when I ordered this paddle that it might be ‘flimsy’ due to the price but I was proved wrong, although the paddle is light weight it is firm and is sure to give you a good spanking.

How to use

I like to be spanked across my ass cheeks, the harder the better but everyone is different and has different thresholds. Some like to be spanked on the thighs or both and others enjoy light spanking whilst some prefer spanking that causes bruising. If you’re a novice in the world of spanking then start of gently and work you’re way up to the spanking that is comfortable to you, if you’re the spanker then also start gently and listen and communicate to you’re partner with what’s comfortable with them.


 My verdict

I was super excited when I received this spanker; it was like all my Christmases had come at once. I phoned my partner at the time to come straight over and spank me – I really was that excited.

This spanker gave me sharp spanks, I couldn’t help but yelp ‘ouch’ (in a good way) when it continuously went across my cheeks. It is much more powerful than a bare hand and made the sex the most intense sex I have ever had. The paddle was also easy to hold and the studs created good grip for my partner who also enjoyed not only my reaction to the paddle but the whacking sound it made whilst hitting me cheeks. I used this spanker about a dozen times with quite powerful spanks but the paddle has managed to stay in tact and doesn’t look to worse for wear.

My experience with this paddle is amazing and I will be investing more in other spanking paddles on the market, for a newbie to spanking I would highly recommend this paddle due to the affordability but even to someone who is an experienced spanker/spankee this paddle is worth a look over.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Love Vivienne


Glass dildos


One of the sex toys I always resort back to is the glass dildo. Glass dildos are not only beautiful but give a completely different sensation compared to silicone or rubber based ones.

So what are the benefits of glass dildos? My first and only concern of the glass dildo was ‘what if it breaks?’ Nobody wants a trip to A&E and especially not for that area but my concerns soon faded when I learnt that they are made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is 8–10 times stronger than regular glass, it is ISO certified and medically graded making it body safe. Another plus for glass dildos is that they are non-porous, so no nasty germs seeping through. Glass dildos are also easy to clean; they really are the most hygienic sex toy available.

Glass dildos come in all shapes and sizes: you can buy smooth ones, rigid ones, ones that have bubbles on them or swirls. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and they are available not only in dildos but in anal toys and butt plugs.

Using a glass dildo is incredibly easy, by being non-porous you can use any type of lubricant you wish – although I would suggest that for internal uses you should stay clear of flavoured or silicone based lubricants as they may cause discomfort and irritate your sensitive skin.

Glass dildos can be inserted vaginally or anally, they are very rigid giving you perfect penetration for the G-spot and P-spot.

Some of the best ways to use a glass dildo is to freeze them, leave you’re glass dildo in the fridge for a couple of hours or over night and then use the dildo when it is cold enough for you. Ice play is a lot of fun, giving you more of a shock feeling. Another bonus myself and others have found is that after an orgasm I become too sensitive, cold glass dildos actually help de-sensitize and put me in the mood for more fun.

Another way to use a glass dildo and this is my most preferred way is to warm them up. Place the dildo in warm water – not hot water, then after a few minutes take it out and use the dildo in whatever way you please (make sure before you insert the glass dildo that you check the temperature, I usually place the dildo on the crease of my inner elbow, if you find the temperature is fine for you then go ahead but if it feels to hot then let it cool down for a couple of seconds-minutes until it feels comfortable). The warmth of the glass will help engorge the blood vessels more quickly, making you more sensitive and self-lubricate faster.

Glass dildos are also great to use non-heated or frozen, they warm to your bodies own temperature giving you a more realistic feeling of penetration than other dildos.

To clean you’re glass dildo is easy, you can use: sex toy cleaner, antibacterial soap with warm/hot water or even put it in the dishwasher. After your dildo is washed and dried place it in a fabric pouch to protect it from scratches and dirt.

There are many benefits of owning a glass dildo, they are a must have for all sex toy enthusiasts or novices, although they can be more expensive than other dildos on the market they are durable and if treated carefully can last you a lifetime.

 Benefits of glass dildo

  • Borosilicate glass (medically graded, ISO certified).
  • Hygienic.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Long lasting.
  • Suitable for those who are allergic or sensitive to other sextoys.
  • Multi purpose toy.
  • Can be cooled down or heated.

Where can you buy glass dildos? Most sex toy stores now sale glass dildos, over the past couple of years they have become more popular and some stores sale them at reasonable prices. (UK store) (US store)

Love Vivienne Violet


Review: Mr Harry (Dildo)

Whilst out on a recent shopping trip I came across Mr. Harry, I spotted him in the corner of Ann Summers and what can I say? He was perfection.

Of course Mr. Harry is not real; he is an 8inch dildo currently being sold in Ann summers. I have never owned a dildo before, I normally purchase rabbits or vibrators but Mr. Harry was so realistic that I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to take him home.

mrharry2   mrharry1


Mr. Harry is to me one of the most realistic dildo’s I have ever came across, made of body-safe materials (Non-Phthalate PVC) this dildo has vain engraving going throughout his shaft and a realistic scrotum. Mr. Harry is also very solid yet flexible, leaving me with no discomfort. At 8 inches long (7 inches insertable) and a 6 inch girth, this dildo offers full satisfaction and has a super strong suction cup at the base.

How to use

Ann summers website recommends lots of lube and I am not surprised, I hardly ever have to use lubes for vibrators and rabbits but this dildo is so big that I had no other option but to. Mr. Harry is water safe so I used a water based lubricant.

Now for what you do with Mr. harry is you’re choice alone, you can stick him on floors, walls, in the shower or anywhere that has a solid surface. He can also be used for vaginal or anal sex but just remember to lube him up first.

My verdict

I admit that I had to use a lot of lubricant to use this dildo, it is also quite heavy and bulky which can be a pain to work around but the results were worth it. This dildo not only looks realistic but also feels realistic, giving me a very fulfilling feeling and an amazing orgasm. I also used Mr. Harry against a wall to test the suction cup, the suction cup on this dildo is very strong and although it slid around once or twice during the process it did not come off the wall.

Cleaning this dildo was also easy, I used a sex toy cleaner and warm water, my only fault is that you have to air dry this dildo as it attracts dust and fluff is you dry it off with fabric. That being said though I would definitely recommend this dildo to others who want a realistic and fulfilling dildo, costing only 20.00 pounds from Ann Summers he is truly worth the price tag and a bargain at that too.


Vivienne Violet


Talk dirty to me…

Some people love it, others hate it. Dirty talk to some is more difficult to muster than sex positions designed for gymnasts. So what makes dirty talk so difficult? Well for me it was confidence, at the time when I was a beginner I had no idea what I wanted or enjoyed in sex, how could I have possibly told a man what to do to me when I didn’t know what I wanted? Surely by me talking dirty it would have only attracted more attention to myself and would have made him realize that I was truly clueless?!

It wasn’t until I became confident in not only my sexuality but who I was as a person that I was able to say it. The more I learnt about myself and came to accepting who I was, was when I let my inhibitions go.

Confidence is the key to anything in life and that also includes dirty talk. Knowing and accepting your own sexual preferences will help you vocalize yourself – you should never copy what you hear porn stars say if you don’t like it, I have known many women who have told their partners to ‘fuck them hard’ even though they didn’t enjoy it or it hurt them, they only said it because that’s what they thought their partners wanted to hear. Remember you’re partner doesn’t want to hear what a porn star likes; he only wants to hear what you like.

So what should you say in dirty talk? Well for me there are 3 different types of dirty talk, there is; G rated, X rated and XXX rated. Some people like G rated dirty talk and nothing else whilst others like doing all three; there is nothing wrong with either choice.


G rated – ‘Does that feel good?’ ‘You feel so good inside me’ ‘you turn me on so much’

X rated – ‘Fuck me harder, softer, more’ ‘can you feel how wet I am’ ‘I want to come all over your cock’ ‘your cock feels so hard’

XXX rated – ‘Fuck me like a bitch’ ‘pound this pussy harder’ ‘fuck me you bastard’

XXX rated dirty talk is not for all people, it is more crass and abrupt, so if you’re not comfortable with it then stay away from using it. You should only say what you are feeling and be sure to remember to mention the sexiest thing of all to him: His name.

Love Vivienne Violet



LoveHoney basic nipple suckers

Although I have always enjoyed nipple stimulation it has never occurred to me before to buy a toy specifically for my nipples, I did once try nipple clamps but as my nipples are very sensitive I found more pain in using them than joy so from that experience I had written of the nipple area altogether.

That was until I saw these little beauties on


The Lovehoney’s basic nipple suckers are a suction device, designed not only to give you the sensation that you’re nipples are being sucked but also to help with sensitivity after use and to keep you’re nipple erect for a few hours – what can I say? I was sold.


I was surprised at first with how big the nipple suckers where, in length they are just under 3 inches and the tube diameter just under 2 inches, they come in a pair and are a light baby pink colour. Made out of rubber but containing latex these suckers are surprisingly very tough and sturdy but it may be a problem to those who have arthritis in their fingers for squeezing the bulb.

How to use

Before I used the Lovehoney’s basic nipple suckers I made sure to rub some lube around the edge of the tunnel and some on my nipples, now you don’t have to use lube if you don’t want to but I’d suggest using some if you don’t like the pinching sensation. I then squeezed the bulb of the nipple sucker and placed it over my nipple; I then slowly de-squeezed the bulb until it was fully round and ta dah all done. To remove the nipple suckers you just have to squeeze the bulb and slowly remove it from yourself – don’t tug or pull at them to come off, I tried and they wouldn’t budge an inch but if I did manage to pull them off it could be slightly painful.

My verdict

I admit that they did look a bit odd when I was wearing them and as I have small boobs they just emphasized how small my boobs are but that being said they definitely did work!. The suction on the Lovehoney’s basic nipple suckers is incredibly strong and no matter how much I tugged and pulled at them they stayed firmly in place. I wore these for 1 hour and throughout that hour they did give me the sensation that my nipples were being sucked without the pinching, which to me is a big bonus. For a couple of hours after being removed my nipples where still extra sensitive – this may come in useful for those who don’t have much sensitivity in their nipples but wants to gain some. Not only did they increase the sensitivity but they also made my nipple erect and double the size for a couple of hours too, the only small down side I found is that they left an engraved ring around my nipples but for how powerful the suction is, its not surprising and it faded quickly enough. All in all I would definitely recommended lovehoneys basic nipple suckers and for only £6.99 they really are a good little investment.

Lovehoney’s basic nipple suckers £6.99 (UK Store)

Love Vivienne Violet



Hyper sexual, obsessed, nympho is just some of the words I have heard about myself and to be fair it is probably true. I am a sexual person just like the other 99% of the population and like you and others I enjoy good sex but unfortunately we find that good sex isn’t always guaranteed.

Good sex can take years to master, countless sex books to hoard, browsing hours on the internet for tips and advice, boxes full of useless sex toys that never gave us any satisfaction let alone the cost of batteries we had to buy along the way. When we do discover what makes us tick and develop our own sexual fantasies we then have to learn how to please our lover and learn if we our sexually compatible which can be very exciting yet sometimes frustrating.

This was why I decided to write this blog, I spent a lot of years and money on learning how to please not only myself but a man and then I realized ‘wouldn’t it just be easier if I give everyone a head start (no pun intended) in sex?’

In my blog I will be reviewing everything from sex toys, lingerie to erotic novels, I will be writing articles on different fetishes to how to build your own confidence in the bedroom plus giving my own sex tips and asking male and female friends for theirs too.

I want this to be the ultimate sex blog and for you all to see sex as a passion not a chore or a frustrating task that gives you no result.

I am very passionate about sex and enjoy discovering new adventures and I feel we all want, need and deserve that in our sex life.

Thank you for reading, I hope you continue to read or subscribe to my blog.



Vivienne Violet