The female ejaculation.

Ah the female ejaculation, Myth or real?

It has been debated since the dawn of man; from men down the pub to the scientists in the lab. It seems that everyone has an opinion of it yet we are still quite clueless about this elusive phenomenon.

What wikipedia says?

‘Female ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid by the paraurethral ducts through and around the human female urethra during or before an orgasm. It is also known colloquially as squirting or gushing, [1] although these are considered to be different phenomena in some research publications.[2] The exact source and nature of the fluid continue to be a topic of debate among medical professionals, which is also related to doubts over the existence of the G-spot.’

But regardless of what we read and hear, the female ejaculation has only become more spoken about in the last decade or two by mainstream porn.

So what are my views on this elusive phenomenon? Is it just pee? Is it really possible to squirt? How does it feel? And can you make yourself squirt?

My view

I have always been curious about ‘squirting’ ever since I saw it in porn as a late teenager. I wanted to get in on the act, I wanted to be like those porn stars that drowned their co-star with it, and it looked incredibly good.

For many years I tried to make myself squirt but as it comes with no manual and medical professionals are still debating its existence I found myself getting nowhere with achieving this ‘elusive squirt’ so I eventually gave up. Defeated in my attempts and being a bad loser I accepted that squirting was not something I will ever be able to achieve and it was probably a big fake hoax made by porn.

Then it happened, a year after I threw in the towel, the dam finally opened! And to say I was shocked yet pleased is a big understatement.

How did I do it?

I honestly have no idea; I am still trying to work that out myself. I was lead to believe that squirting was only possible through G-spot penetration, so you can imagine my shock when my first squirting experience was from anal penetration and clitoral stimulation.

All I know was at the time I was very relaxed and aroused, I do believe that you need those two ingredients to achieve a female ejaculation.

Ever since then I have been able to squirt eight times out of ten, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. I have mastered (unintentionally) to squirt from just anal penetration, vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation. It is ironic how for so many years I pushed myself to squirt that I now am unable in stopping it!

I have no control whatsoever on my ejaculation, I have heard some women are able to control theirs though so I just hope that one day I will also be able to master this as I really need to save my sheets and towels just aren’t enough to protect them.

There are pros and cons to squirting; the pro’s being you feel like a porn star, I felt so proud of myself after my first squirt that I was smiling to myself for the rest of the day. It is also incredibly erotic to not only me but to others but with pros there are cons: I need to put down at least two to three towels on my bed, it soaks through so fast that I am terrified it will seep through my mattress and ruin it. I also have to be prepared; this takes the whole quickie appeal away. I once forgot to prepare with a partner and soaked the bed so much that I had to turn the mattress over and change all bedding before we could get some sleep.

Another downside is some people are just unprepared for it. When I told a new partner that I was able to squirt his face lit up like a Cheshire cat but when it happened he was truly shocked with how much of it there was. It got to the point where he was actually trying to dodge it! Unfortunately the more he tried to dodge the ‘bullet’ the louder I laughed which made my contractions powerful, which led to the squirt being more stronger (think of a fire fighters hose on full blast). It was like a scene from the fair ground where you knock down the plastic cards with a water pistol, his head was the plastic card and I was the one going home with the top prize.

Is it pee?

Nope, it is nothing like pee. Urine not only gives off a scent but has a faint colour to it, the female ejaculation is clear and has no scent whatsoever and does not stain any fabric or materials.

It also does not taste like pee (I have never tasted pee but I guess it doesn’t taste like ejaculation). The female ejaculation is very sweet tasting, kind of like pineapple flavouring, so unless you or you’re partner don’t like the taste of pineapples then you’re not likely heave or gag on it if a drop lands in you’re mouth.

How does it feel?

This is a tricky question as every woman is different. To some women it feels as though they are peeing whilst others don’t feel a thing, other women can feel it building up before it releases.

I can not feel it building up, nor does it feel like I am peeing. I am usually unaware of it until it happens.

How can I make myself squirt?

As female ejaculation is still being debated, it is very difficult to know how it comes about. Here are some common theories of how to achieve a female ejaculation:

  • Arousal

There is one theory that rings true to me and that is how aroused you are, speaking to other women who have also managed to squirt they all told me the same thing; they were highly aroused.

I do believe being aroused is one of the many ingredients to a female ejaculation.

  • Relaxed

Just like arousal it is also important to be relaxed with what is going on. The moment you are able to relax then your arousal level goes up and you become more comfortable with it. The two go hand in hand, so instead of worrying that you are not squirting yet or feel like you are going to pee, just go with it. The chances are very unlikely that you will accidentally pee in sex or masturbation.

  • G-spot stimulation

I personally do not believe that you can only squirt through G-spot penetration alone as I have managed to squirt from just clitoral stimulation. So have fun exploring your whole body rather than just focusing on the G-spot.

  • Drink plenty of water

Many women have told me that being hydrated is important in being able to squirt. I drink a lot of water anyway so I am not sure if this is true but it is always worth a try.

  • Healthy eating

Just like drinking water, eating you’re greens is also said to help in female ejaculation so now there is no excuse to leave the vegetables on you’re plate.

  • Pelvic floor muscles

The stronger muscles you have down there then the better you are able to contract them to push the squirt out. I have been doing my pelvic floor muscles for years so I am not sure if this is the answer to squirting but it does help once you do squirt in pushing it out in ‘force’.

Is squirting better than regular orgasms?

Honestly? No, I do not believe so. I actually squirt before I orgasm (normally a couple of seconds beforehand) and although in the right circumstances it seems more appealing and erotic it does not have any effect on my orgasms.

I have had some great orgasms when squirting and some lousy ones too, as I have also had amazing orgasms without squirting.

The female ejaculation doesn’t make an orgasm more powerful or better than a regular orgasm.

So whether you can squirt or are trying to, don’t let it become your main focus in sex. As great as squirting can be and how fun it is, it is not the end of the world if you weren’t able too.

Great sex is more psychological than how much ejaculation you can produce.

Thank you for reading


Vivienne Violet



It has been a long time.


Wow. It has been a long time since I have updated my blog with new reviews and articles. Unfortunately I have been super busy the last few months so I haven’t had much free time to update but now that I am more available you shall see more frequent reviews and posts.

Although I have been busy, my sex toy collection hasn’t stopped growing and I recently had to buy myself a new storage box as my old 30ltr one was just bursting at the seams.

What can I say? Some people like shopping for shoes but I like shopping for sex toys.

I am currently writing an article on squirting (female ejaculation) which will be up soon and hopefully by the New Year I will have new reviews up for you all to see.

Hope you all have a kinky Christmas and that Santa gives you lot’s of naughty presents.


Vivienne Violet