Guide to role play.

Role playing is my favourite sex game, for me, trying out new scenarios and roles not only offers me new experiences but opens up my sexuality to different levels and builds my confidence in exploring more.

To others role playing can be awkward, uncomfortable and damn well stupid. Role playing really is like marmite – you either love it or hate it! I just happen to be one who loves it.

So what is the secret in loving role play? And how can one enjoy playing a different role? Well I will tell you – just be you!

Yes that is right, what puts a lot of people of role play is the belief that they have to transform into a different person, you don’t. The only thing that role playing requires is you’re imagination.

So for example if you want to play cops or robbers; you don’t have to go out and buy the whole uniform (unless you want to) and neither do you have to know every law or how to unlock a door with just a hair pin, it is just play so try not to put much pressure on yourself with getting everything right. Another thing which most struggle with and I myself use to before I got into it was playing a different character. As stated above this does not mean you have to transform yourself into a new person and neither does you’re partner, just be you still. If you enjoy passionate sex then continue with passionate sex, if you enjoys using toys then continue using toys, role play is only the basis of the game, and everything else is your own imagination and likes.

Some roles to try

Here is a list of the most popular role playing roles to play and my personal favourites.

  • Landlord and Tenant

This role is my favourite and very easy to do, you don’t need any uniforms or props (unless you want to add some in) all you need is a room and you’re imagination.

Pretend you are a tenant and you can’t afford you’re months rent, you’re landlord will be visiting shortly and requires payment. You have two options, you can either leave? Or offer you’re landlord favours in return?

Or if you are playing the landlord you can offer your tenant an other option rather than payment, what favour you wish to receive from you’re tenant is both or yours choice.

  • Guest and hotel maid/butler

This role requires a bedroom if you like; uniforms or props will probably come in handy too.

Pretend you are a maid or butler to a hotel; you accidentally walk into one of the rooms where the guest is currently playing alone. Do you apologise and walk out? Or should you offer a helping hand?

  • Decorator and customer

This role requires no uniform or props.

You have hired a decorator to re do your place; after the work is done you can see that the decorator is covered in dust and paint so you offer them you’re shower/bath. Do they need assistance? Or maybe you are the decorator who asks the customer if they could help scrub you’re back?

  • Sex therapist and client

This role also requires no uniform or props but props such as sex toys could come in handy.

Pretend you are a sex therapist and you have a new client, they want to know the basics of good sex, should you show them? Or if you are the client, do you want a more hands on approach in how to please?

Remember that all these ideas above are adaptable, so you can add in as many new ideas or props as you like. There is no perfect way to follow a role playing game, it is all about imagination and as much fun as possible.

If you want to try out even more roles though how about this book: Sex games by Jo Hemmings which gives you loads or advice on role playing but also some great ideas too. Or the sexual role play game containing 60 cards of different scenarios to try out sold at

Thank you for reading my blog

Love Vivienne Violet