Practicing BDSM Without a Dominant

Some great advice by Uncollared Pup on practising submission without a Dom.

Uncollared Pup

tumblr_no3ji2SxnZ1uuy6gho1_500Finding a Dom is tough and also finding one who is real is even tougher. I’ve had advances from Doms who turned out not to be real Doms which is heartbreaking, but it is possible to practice BDSM without a Dominant. Even though you won’t be able to properly ‘discipline’ yourself without a Dominant there are other things that you can do: practice commands, practice submission positions, and many other things. 

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The 18 year old: The awakening

Part 3

Continued from The 18 year old: The training begins

(Disclaimer: This article is based on true events of my life but names have been changed to protect individuals)

The cinema was dark, dark and empty, perfect – just how I wanted it to be. I knew I wouldn’t be watching any movie that night, I had other plans. Sitting on the top row, Aaron* was next to me. We was the only ones on the top row, including around 5 others below us, we purposely chosen a late night Monday movie with bad ratings.

Aaron* wanted to venture out of the house and car, we exhausted every room going and needed something new to spice it up. This was Aarons* first time location sex, although it wasn’t mine, it was the first time in a cinema, so I was also very excited to try something new.

I teased Aaron* through the movie, caressed his thigh and crotch with my hands and nibbled on his neck. Aaron* also caressed me, I purposely wore no underwear under my dress, it made it much more easier plus I needed to be prepared in case someone spotted something going on. Halfway through the movie I was ready, I couldn’t wait anymore, I waited enough and the anticipation was killing me. Aaron* could tell, it was killing him too.  He slowly inserted two fingers in me whilst his thumb rubbed my clitoris, he whispered in my ear “shh” it was hard to be quiet; I had to nuzzle my face into his chest to contain my excitement.

“Eat me out” I begged to him, “please eat me out” I was quite proud of how well I trained Aaron* to do cunninglious, he was excellent at it. Aaron* did what I asked, he got down on the floor and in between my legs, thinking of it now I don’t know how he managed to, those leg aisles in cinemas are small and being a 6ft 2 stocky rugby player it must have been a tight squeeze for him but he did it. I hiked up my dress to my waist and lifted my legs, placing my feet on the empty chairs in front of me.

I felt my leg quiver the whole time, the pleasure I was receiving was amazing but I was worried I was going to make too much noise, I had to bite my thumb in order for me not to make sound and in the process left quite impressive teeth marks in my skin.

When I was finished Aaron* sat back on his chair, I kissed him on the lips and slowly slid down in front of him onto my knees, being small it was much easier for me to fit into the aisle. I started to give him oral, starting slowly and getting more faster, I could hear him getting more excited and his penis was twitching more and more. That when it happened. His penis slid down the whole of my throat. Just like that and with no gagging or trouble I deepthroated for the first time in my life.

“Oh shit!” Aaron* said, loudly.

I quickly moved my mouth away, banging my head on the chair behind me, scared I had hurt him.

“Shh” I whispered “what’s the matter?”

He looked at me stunned “I felt that go all the way down you’re throat! What did you do?” he asked me.

“I think I deepthroated you by mistake, don’t you like it?” I responded, still whispering.

“I loved it” he whispered back “please don’t stop”

With that I continued and with ease kept on deepthroating him.

It was that night that I realised that this wasn’t all about me training Aaron* but that I too was learning and progressing. I had become comfortable so much with someone that I managed to do something I had for years been forcing myself to do and that was to deepthroat. I hadn’t felt this comfortable with someone sexually in a long time, maybe it was because Aaron* wasn’t intimidating in a sexual manner? I also hadn’t had so much fun sexually with someone for a long time, Aaron* made me fall in love with sex on a whole new level again, he brought back the spark that I had previously lost and then it dawned on me what that spark was, it was one of the three E’s; Enthusiasm. Coming out of a long term relationship, the enthusiasm died in it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my ex partner and we did have great sex but after a couple of years of being together, you get use to each others bodies, you don’t try as hard to experiment, everything becomes more routine, no matter how great it is. The enthusiasm to face new challenges together dies, the enthusiasm in general starts to die.

Aaron* taught me that, he made me realise that you always need enthusiasm in sex, no matter how long you have been together. I felt free with Aaron* like I could be myself again, maybe it was because there was no serious commitment between us that I felt I could be me but that’s when I realised that regardless of how me and Aaron* panned out in the long run that I always had to keep this spark and never to lose it again.

I told Aaron* this, I thanked him. At first he thought I had had enough and was ready to move on, of course I wasn’t, we still had much more fun to come but that he brought back something in my sex life that I had long lost: Enthusiasm.

To be continued…

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Review: Jo Hemmings Sex games book

Now I might be a sex toy addict but I am also an avid reader. I love books, to have my own little library is just as much as a dream to me as having my own little sex toy closet.

You will find me on a regular basis browsing book stores and once a day I am on Amazon looking up new releases. Heck, I even have a good reads account.

I normally don’t buy sex books though; whether they are manuals or erotica, I prefer psychological thrillers and crime but I recently spotted in WH smiths a book about role playing games. Being one of my favourite kinks I decided to give it a go and see what new inspiration it could give me.


Paperback or kindle, the Jo Hemmings Sex games book contains 208 pages and is hot pink in colour. This book consists of numerous detailed role playing games to try and the props to use. Plus plenty of information on other fantasies, sex games, sex acts, advice, sex toys and even has you’re horoscopes sexuality traits included.

Sex games by Jo Hemmings

My Verdict

I bought the Jo Hemmings sex games book believing it was only going to be giving me ideas on different scenarios to try out in the bedroom (and maybe even outside of it) but was pleasantly surprised that it offered much more than that.

Every role play scenario is easily laid out and gives a lot of advice on what props you could use and how to set the scene in doing so. My favourite had to be ‘calling in the expert’ role but there is so many roles to choose from ranging from the classic ‘boss and secretary’ to ‘lady of the manor’.

Sex games also contain a lot more useful articles and tips, such as:

  • What fantasies are:

How to confide in you’re partner about them, how to make them reality, types of fantasies, the Pro’s and Con’s of fantasies, plus much more.

  • Different sex acts and locations:

From threesomes, anal sex, watersports to in the garden, sea, beach and in public places.

  • Role playing ideas

A detailed list of different role playing scenarios to try out and that you could also use.

  • BDSM

Telling you in detail about the Dom and Sub relationship, Sadism and Masochism, whipping and spanking, bondage essentials and the importance of safety in bondage play.

  • Sex toys

Advice on the current sex toys, how to include them into you’re sex life and websites of different sex shops to buy from.

  • Other games

How to play games like strip poker and some naughty versions role of the dice, pleasure hunt, peeping tom, plus much more.

This is only a few of the ideas this book gives you, trust me it gives you so much more and I have not only had fun from it but it has also opened my eyes and made me curious about other activities and kinks I would like to try out.

My only downside to this book is, although portable and easy to fit in you’re bag the cover of this book really does aim itself at women which is a shame as the context inside is gender neutral. It can be a book for both men and women but unfortunately it could put men off from enjoying this book due to the hot pink cover.

Apart from that though it really is a useful book to read through and to get ideas and I would recommend it for that. £8.99 paperback or kindle £4.35 £6.49 paperback

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The 18 year old: The training begins

Part 2

Continued from… The 18 year old: The confession

(Disclaimer: Names have been changed in this article to protect individuals)

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months with the training of Aaron* and for me to say it wasn’t fun would be a big lie on my behalf. Aaron* was actually really good, better than what I had expected.

He was eager to learn, you could see the desire in his eyes and it aroused me even more with how eager he was. I would get constant text messages of excitement from him; it turned me on knowing how excited he was getting for me. I also realised that not only was I giving Aaron* new experiences but he was also giving me new ones in return.

I never criticized Aaron* because I never needed too, he held the three things I also hold dearly in sex ‘Enthusiasm, Energy and Experimental’ those three E’s are very important to me. Even if Aaron* didn’t possess the three E’s I would still never have criticized him; criticizing never helps build a persons confidence, it lowers it. Productive encouragement is the way forward and it helped! Within weeks, Aaron* was becoming more confident and started to realise that he actually was good in bed.

Another plus for Aaron* was he was very giving, he liked to please more than receive which is great but he would often rush, especially in positions as he felt he had to fit every position in the Karma sutra in one session. He needed to slow down.

On one session I told him so “You know Aaron* we don’t have to do so many positions in one go” I confided in him.

“But I thought you liked positions, you have so many cards and books on them” he responded.

“yes I do” I blushed “but to fit them all in a couple of hours is too much, we can’t fit in 60 in the space of three hours” I then reassured him that we will do them all, it would just be on different days.

With that Aaron* smiled.

The amount of energy Aaron* had was incredible, maybe it was because he was a rugby player or that his age had something to do with it but Aaron* really did give it his all. I loved being swung around, his strength was also excellent. With Aaron* I felt like a teenager. No matter the time of day or the location he always contained such energy that I found myself sexually aroused to just that. I knew I had it lucky, I also knew I was going to miss such energy when it was all over.

On one occasion we were out with friends in a night club, he disappeared off and then I got a text message, he sent me a picture of his erect penis and written ‘are you ready?’ ‘of course’ I responded – I was always ready. Aaron* was waiting in his car, I jumped in and we made our way back to mine. As soon as we got to mine Aaron* was tearing my clothes off, I always made sure not to wear expensive lingerie or lingerie that I wanted to keep with Aaron*, he would have ripped them to shreds within seconds.

We never made it to my bedroom that night, only the stairs. That was the night I taught him about cunninglious. Don’t get me wrong, Aaron* could do it but just lacked the confidence in doing so. I was his first time, I could see he was nervous and I realised I would have to show him. I showed him how to do it by giving him oral, you might be puzzled by that but one thing I learnt is what a partner does to you in sex (with how rough, biting, spanking, oral, speeds ect) is usually what they like on themselves as well.

I used the tip of my tongue on the head of his penis, I showed him how hard to press on a clitoris and the speed to use, I also used my mouth on the head of his penis so he knew how strongly to suck my clitoris. When he was ready, Aaron* returned the favour back to me, I was impressed that he was actually paying attention rather than just enjoying himself. He picked it up well and I would have been happy with him going down on me all night. After he had finished he entered me, Aaron* was fast and rough, how I liked it and also become more confident in using dirty talk, another thing that I enjoy. After I had orgasmed, Aaron* flipped me over and fucked me doggy style on the stairs. He done it hard, pulling my hair and actually taking control, something he struggled to do before. It was intense, remarkable and left me smiling about it for a long time after. Aaron* was also happy, he told me he felt more confident, that he was now realising he can please. I reminded him that he would always be learning how to satisfy a woman because every woman is different from the next and that he should always be willing to progress in sex and never to become lazy and feel like he knows it all, because let’s face it how can we? When every human is different, has different kinks, arousals, likes, how can we possibly know it all? We may know the basics but never every individual.

To be continued…

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Reviews: Tracey Cox’s Supersex G-Spot Vibrator

You can never have too many vibrators I say. New vibrators are produced every day; new materials are manufactured, new silencers, speeds and shapes appear. So why should I just have one? Why not more?

Whilst browsing for a new vibrator to add to my ever growing collection, I stumbled across a sleek black one on Designed by Tracey Cox the Supersex G-Spot Vibrator was different to my other vibrators. Firstly it was a nice black, I had enough of pink or purple colours that seem to dominate female sex toys, secondly it wasn’t the shape of a penis, now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against penis shaped vibrators but a change is a good thing and lastly it was designed by Tracey Cox (if you don’t know who Tracey Cox is, she is a leading sex therapist in the UK). I have already got one item designed by Tracey Cox and it was a good buy here.

Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator


Made of smooth coated plastic this vibrator is firm and contains no latex or phthalates. The Supersex G-spot vibrator has a light up on/off button and a vibration/control button which gives you 3 speed settings and 7 vibration patterns. It takes one AA battery (not included with the toy) and is 6.2 inches in length (4.2 inches insertable). Sleek and stylish, it is light to hold and perfect to slip in you’re bag if you are travelling. Designed to stimulate the G-Spot, the vibrator has a curved head to help reach the spot and is also waterproof.

Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator

How to use

Smooth to insert, the Supersex g-spot vibrator can be used with or without lubricant. Once inserted, switch on the vibrator and choose which vibration and speed most pleases you. This Vibrator is great to use as a regular dildo and can also be used to stimulate the clitoris and other pleasure zones on you’re body.

My verdict

I was looking forward to receiving the Tracey Cox’s Supersex G-spot vibrator. For a simple toy, it looked promising, I had had enough of all the pink and purple vibrators aimed at women, and I wanted something more discreet and less ‘in your face’.

The vibrator arrived in discreet packaging and came in its very own box which included a small leaflet on how to stimulate your G-spot and the benefits of doing so with this vibrator. So far, it was looking good.

The lightness of this vibrator was the first thing I noticed, it is feather light, even with the battery included. I also liked how the vibrator felt, although made of plastic; the Supersex G-spot vibrator has a soft coating over it, making it much smoother than hard plastic.

After examining the Supersex G-spot vibrator, I had to try it. I placed one fully charged AA battery into the bottom compartment and checked out the speed settings and wow! For such a small and light weight toy, this vibrator definitely packed a punch. The strongest vibration had a lot of power to it, just what I like but maybe too strong for others. Each Vibration setting was also different from the next and the power of the vibrations made them more noticeable. Sometime I have find that some vibrators speed(s) are not strong enough to show each distinct pattern but this vibrator definitely does.

I tested the Supersex G-spot vibrator, the curved head on this toy definitely reached the G-spot and the vibrations gave me extra sensations but even if you don’t use the vibrations, it is still a very good toy and hit all the right places. I also used this toy on my clitoris, I was even more impressed! Small, this toy was easy for me to handle and could be used as a clitoris vibrator only; which is what I often use it for now.

Another pro is how easy this vibrator is to clean; having no ridges, it is easy to wipe down and dry with a clean cloth. Although it is waterproof, I still haven’t tested this as I usually don’t use toys in water but in all I would recommend this toy to others. So whether you are a sextoy novice or addict, the Supersex G-spot vibrator is great for multi purpose use and a perfect sex toy to bring with you if you are travelling.

Tracey Cox’s Supersex G-spot Vibrator £19.99 (UK store)

Tracey Cox’s Supersex G-spot Vibrator $25.00 (US store and currently on sale)

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The 18 year old: The Confession

Part One

(Disclaimer: This is based on a true experience of myself but names and locations have been changed to protect other individuals)

He lied! He told me he was the same age as me but he wasn’t; he was 18 years old, 5 years younger than me.

I know what you are thinking, that 5 years isn’t much of an age gap and that I was also still young but I had just came out of a long term relationship and was looking for more fun than commitment, 18 year olds are still impressionable, I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea or fall in love. I know, it sounds selfish; I had to walk away from this.

“Why did you lie to me?” I asked Aaron*

“Because you would never have gave me the chance if I told you the truth” was Aarons* reply.

That is true, even if I was after commitment, I wouldn’t have dated a man younger than myself, hell I don’t even date men my own age.

“Plus” Aaron* murmured “I want experience”

“Experience in what?!” I replied

Aaron* took a deep breath and in a low voice replied “In sex”

“You see, I have only ever had one sexual experience Vivienne, she dumped me soon after and went with another man. I know it’s my fault, I cant please”

Aaron* kept his head low when telling me this; he also tried to avoid eye contact. I felt for him, I really did. We have all been there and let’s face it; it’s not a nice feeling.

I tried to reassure Aaron* that the first time is never ‘great’ that it is highly unlikely that he can’t please and that he is still young, very attractive and has his whole life in front of him but he wouldn’t listen, he just kept shaking his head and telling me that I will never understand.

At 18 Aaron* was already a professional rugby player, scouted in Kenya at 14 he had lived the past 4 years in a British boarding school whilst training to become a professional sportsman. Tall and very handsome, the girls flocked around him but Aaron* always hid, I could never understand why, he had everything going for him but his one sexual experience really knocked his confidence. I had known Aaron* for a couple of weeks before his confession to me, although we flirted and met up a lot we still had not done anything sexual together, even though we both knew it was coming.

His confession changed my mind though, I couldn’t possibly sleep with him, yes it was legal but it was still too young for my liking. But there was one thing I had to know.

“Why me?” There are other women out there who will help him I asked him quizzically.

“Because you’re fun Vivienne, I know you would give me a good time. You constantly tease me, you have no inhibitions, you tell me so much about you’re fantasies and likes that I know you would help me”

I blushed; I can be a bit to honest at times, especially in the right company.

With that Aaron* left, not before telling me that he’ll be waiting for my answer, I told him it wouldn’t change and will stay a no but he replied back with something so true that it sent shivers down my spine “Come on Viv, we all know you like a challenge?” oh how true was that.

I left it a couple of days, met up with friends and discussed with them the latest events of my sex life, I was surprised to find most supported the idea of me ‘training’ Aaron* ‘as long as you both stick to friends with benefits, what’s the harm? It would be fun’ one of my friends said, the others agreed. I must admit that I started to quite like the idea myself, not so much because my friends supported it and believed it to be a great idea but more the fact of the challenge Aaron* had left me with.

I am a huge sucker for challenges, I live for experimenting, I make no apology for that and it’s true it could be fun, a lot of fun. I was getting extremely aroused with just the thought of how much fun it could be.

So I gave in, I texted Aaron* that it was a yes but first we needed to meet, make some ground rules.

Aaron* arrived the next day; he was still in his rugby kit, having been training most of the day. I won’t lie but he looked great in his kit and I had to fight the urge not to pounce on him just yet.

I sat Aaron* down, we talked a bit first, I told him my concerns that he might still be too young and that I was worried he would want something more. Aaron* listened; he agreed with my concerns and promised me he wasn’t after anything long term himself. I hoped he was being truthful.

I stood up, asked Aaron* when he had to get back to training; he told me he had two more hours before it starts again.

“Well then” I said, slipping down my summer dress to show him my naked body “we best start then”

Aaron* looked me up and down and giving me a cheeky grin replied “you know, I really shouldn’t before my training session” to which I replied “lesson one, spontaneous sex is always a plus”. Aaron gave me a wink and within a heartbeat had lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom.

To be continued… The 18 year old: The training begins

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Cleaning your Sex toys

It is always important to make sure you clean your sex toys after every use. Sex toys, if not cleaned can harbour nasty bacteria and not only create infections but can also pass on STD (although this is very low, it is still possible). Plus let’s face it; it’s icky not too.

How you clean you’re sex toys really does depend on the material the sex toy is made of and if it is motorised or not.

Types of materials


Jelly sex toys are one of the most porous sex toys and it is preferred due to their porous nature to use a condom with them. To clean this material it is best to use a mild antibacterial soap, warm water and to wash thoroughly. Boiling water is not recommended as it can burn and disfigure you’re sex toy.


Like Jelly, rubber sex toys are also porous and can harbour bacteria, it is also recommended to use a condom when in use. Just like jelly material, rubber sex toys should be washed thoroughly with a mild antibacterial soap in warm water. Boiling water is not recommended.


Also porous, Cyberskin should be washed with warm water only or a sex toy cleaner designed to clean this type of material. Leave to air dry and use a small amount of powder (talc or cornstarch) to keep it silky soft and not go sticky.


Being non-porous, this sex toy is simple to clean. Mild antibacterial soap and warm water is all that is needed to clean this product. You can also put it in you’re dishwasher on the top rack (if a motorised toy then avoid this as it can damage the motor).


Also Non-porous, metal can be used with warm or hot soapy water. It can be boiled for better sterilising or put in the dishwasher too.


Non-porous, warm or hot water can be used to clean this toy, boiling it will give better results in sterilisation (around 1-3 mins). Just use a mild antibacterial soap to wash over the toy first.


Although non-porous, it is best not to boil this material like glass or metal toys. Instead use warm to hot water with antibacterial soap and wash and rinse.


Using a mild antibacterial soap and warm water, never use boiling hot water to wash wood, a dishwasher or an abrasive soap can damage the toy. Read the instructions on how to dry from the manufactures as depending on the wood, some need to be air dried or towel dried.

Motorised sex toys

All motorised sex toys should never be submerged into water; even if they are waterproof it is still best not to take that chance. When cleaning a motorised sex toy, always remove the batteries from the toys first.

To clean a motorised sex toy, use warm or hot (depending on the material) soapy water and wash down with a soft cloth. Rinse the cloth well before cleaning the sex toys and be careful around the mains/rechargeable/battery compartments.

Sex toy cleaner

There are products out there that are specifically made to just clean sex toys. These products are a good idea as they are usually safe to use with a certain product/material and also mild enough not to irritate your skin. They also come in a wide range of variety, including sprays, washes and wipes.

Some products that are readily available are;

Lovehoney’s sex toys cleaner 120ml £4.99

Doc Johnson Antibacterial sex toy cleaner spray 118ml £5.99

Pjur Med personal cleansing spray 100ml £9.99

Bondara’s essential sex toy cleaner 150ml £3.99

Lelo sextoy cleaning spray 60ml £6.90

Ann summers Buzz fresh spray 100ml £8.00

Although it is always best to use a sex toy cleaner when cleaning your toys you can use normal soap instead. If you do choose to use soap, make sure that it is a sensitive soap (preferably no parabens), antibacterial and is mild in detergent; always wash of the soap thoroughly after cleaning. Remember this can damage the material though so you are best to stay on the safe side and use a product specially designed in cleaning sex toys.

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Review: Bondara’s Anal butt plug training kit

Anal play and sex has always been a big interest to me and one thing I have always been curious about is butt plug training. I needed to find good sized butt plugs, something easy to clean and preferably something comfortable for my first time.

When I came across Bondara’s butt plug training kit, I knew I had found the set. Not only do I get three but they all came in reasonably good sizes. I found the majority of butt plug kits either did them all too large or small, I needed something that had small, medium and large and after much hunting, I finally found it.

Bondara Anal butt plug training kit


Coming in three sizes the smallest butt plug is 4.1 inches insertable and just under 4 inches at the widest width. The medium butt plug is also 4.1 inches insertable and a little over 4.5 inches in width at the widest point. The largest butt plugs 4.5 inches insertable and 6.1 inches in width at the largest point.

Made of body safe TPE rubber, these butt plugs are waterproof and are safe to use with a water based lubricant, they are also soft to the touch but firm and have tapered bases making it easier for you to insert and remove.

How to use

Although they are firm, these butt plugs really are simple to use and not that scary.

Depending how experienced you are in butt plug training, start with the smallest butt plug first and work you’re way up. Remember there is no rush to get the biggest one in quickly and not to force them but to stop and have a break when they start to feel uncomfortable. Use plenty of water based lubricant, you really can never have too much lubricant and start slowly.

What you wish to do when you’re butt plug is fully inserted is up to you, I myself like to play when they are inserted, others like to leave them in for a couple of hours to get use to them. The choice is yours.

My verdict

Bondara’s Anal Butt plug training kit arrived discreetly and quickly and I was not only excited but also apprehensive of them, especially when I saw the size of the largest. My first reaction was ‘there is no way I will ever be able to use that’ and ‘this will hurt, maybe I made a mistake’ but I need not have worried.

They arrived in there only little box and where individually wrapped in plastic; although the size was intimidating and they was quite firm, there texture was smooth which is a plus when it comes to cleaning.

I started with the smallest butt plug first, I made sure I used plenty of lubricant and even though I had done anal play before and already had anal toys, I just couldn’t seem to get it fully in without it hurting, maybe it was nerves? But after a few days and a couple of tries I finally managed it with ease and comfort.

Unlike other anal toys I have got that comes in different textures and are designed to maximise pleasure, these butt plugs are really standard with no ridges or patterns but for me to say that they don’t deliver pleasure would be a lie, they do! But for me I have to use them kind of like a dildo to get pleasure than just leave them in there (sorry, too much information, I know). What I really did enjoy with these butt plugs though is the challenge they set me, if you are into butt plug training or are curious to try then these are ideal. I can now use the smallest and medium butt plug with ease and although not fully, I am halfway through inserting the largest plug. This kit has not only made me more comfortable with anal play but has helped me a lot with anal sex. Whether it is because my muscles are more use to it now because of this training or if I have relaxed psychologically for anal, I know they definitely helped.

I have only one negative about them and that is although they are easy to clean, they collect dust like crazy. Due to the material, these butt plugs are not designed to stand for long term use and it is probably better to invest you’re money in a better material but for first time training kit and for something to give you a taste in anal training, then they are definitely worth it.

Bondara’s anal butt plug training kit £17.99

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