Sex toy Storage

Do you just throw all you’re sex toys in together? If you do then stop! Stop right now.

I use to do that myself many years ago when I was unaware of how the different materials reacted together.

I just flung them all in a storage box under my bed and thought nothing of it until one day when I went to get out a vibrator and found this sticky, melted mess in there instead.

It happened to be a jelly cock ring that had melted, another jelly clitoral vibrator which happened to be next to the cock ring also partly melted. At first I couldn’t understand what had happened until I looked it up. I discovered this is a common occurrence if sex toys are left exposed to each other without protection.

I was fortunate that these two sex toys were not my favourites or had I used them much but I would have been absolutely devastated if they were. That is why I now go to extra measures to protect my sex toys from themselves (it’s like a material warfare in my goody box).

Here is some useful tips you can use on protecting you’re sex toys from each other.

  • Original Packaging

Keeping your sex toys in their original packaging is a quick and cost free way of protecting them from other sex toy materials. I have done so in the past but depending on how much space you have, they can take up a lot of unnecessary room.

  • Storage Bags

Storage bags are the most popular methods of storing your sex toys and my most preferred. They not only protect sex toys from damage but are easy to clean and don’t take up any space. You can buy storage bags from many sex toy shops that sale them at affordable prices.

Or if you are good with the sewing machine then you could make your own with any pattern or fabric of your choice.

  • Socks

A useful tip I once learnt was storing sex toys in socks. Just like a storage bag they take up no room and cost very little.

Once you have found your preferred method of storing you’re sex toys you then need to find a place to put them.

I keep mine in a 40 litre storage box with a lid under my bed, personally I would love a trunk (an old antique one) or even better my own sex toy walk in wardrobe but I don’t think that will be happening just yet.

  • Shoe box

Old shoe boxes are great for storing you’re sex toys in, not only are they easily accessible but how many people are going to snoop in a shoe box? The only problem with using a shoe box is how many sex toys you own. If you have a few then a shoe box will work but if you have a lot then that will be a lot of shoe boxes you will need to have.

  • Storage box

A storage box is my most preferred. They are easy to clean, portable, lightweight and come in a choice of colours and sizes. You can even get some that have locks on them. They are great if you have large quantity of sex toys and not a lot of space in your home.

  • Cases

Suitcases are also great, with different sizes to choose from and always guaranteed a lock attached to them. They unlike a storage box can be more difficult to store depending on how much space you already have available though.

That is just a few useful tips on storing your sex toys but I am sure there are many more. If you know of any then let us know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Love Vivienne pleasure



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