Mobile phones are an essential part of today’s living. We use them for almost everything and anything and that even includes 21st century foreplay: Sexting.

From sending erotic texts that would make E.L James blush to arousing pictures sent to make our partners heartbeat racing, sexting is now so popular that most of us have already participated in it.

Sexting is a great way to add spice to any relationship and a great method of discovering you and your partner’s fantasies.

Below I have written some tips on how to get started in sexting and how to keep safe.

What is sexting good for?

Sexting is a great way in spicing up a relationship. A sensual text or picture will set their heartbeat racing for the rest of the day, knowing what they are coming home too.

Sexting is also another great way of learning of your partner’s likes and fantasies, it can be difficult for the best of us to speak face to face about our kinks, sexting eases off the pressure and makes communication flow more easily.

How to get started

Everyone is different in communicating about sex. Some just lay it out on the table about their wants and needs and get straight in to talking dirty (me be that forward? Never) whilst others need more of a build up and tease beforehand.

What ever your method is, remember to be true to you. Don’t say anything that does not appeal to you, no matter how hot it sounds in writing.

  • Texts

Remember that detail is everything. Sending something such as ‘I want you to gently pinch my nipples, getting more and more firmer until I get goose bumps’ opposed to ‘I want you to pinch my nipples’ is more appealing and sets a better visual.

  • Images

Sending pictures is also a good way to tease. Sending a full vulva/penis shot can be very daunting and many people actually don’t like fully exposed pictures anyway. Instead send subtle yet erotic pictures, pictures like; the inner of you’re thighs, new lingerie laid out on a bed, sextoys, high heels or chest and biceps are a great way of teasing and will leave you’re partner wanting to see more.

Keeping safe

With sending erotic texts and especially pictures you are always exposing yourself to certain dangers. Unfortunately there will always be some people who will use this to exploit or shame others; fortunately there are ways to keeping yourself safe from this.

  • Trust

You should only ever send explicit images or texts of yourself to the ones that you trust. Never send pictures to someone you have just met or has been known to have shown pictures of past partners.

  • Only reveal what you want to reveal

Never send images that you are not comfortable with sending or feel pressured into sending. No one has the right to see certain photos of you, regardless of how long you have known each other or been together.

  • The law

It is now illegal in England and Wales to distribute private sexual images and videos of a person in a sexual act without their consent. Anyone found guilty of distributing such content online can be prosecuted under the revenge porn act and face up to 2 years imprisonment.

Sexting, regardless of how it can be mistreated by some is in general a great way of adding more excitement into a relationship and is loved by many.

So why not send your partner a cheeky and teasing text when they are at work and let them know of the orgasmic fun that waits for them when they get home.

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Love Vivienne Pleasure



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