The man that held the orgasms

(Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect others identities)

His breath was heavy, so heavy that it gave me goose bumps. His voice was saturated with lust, strong lust, primal lust that one can only get when they are in the peak of passion. I listened to him carefully; I savoured his words as if they were holy.

This was not normal for me, if anything it wasn’t me but this encounter was different; it sparked excitement in me that was unique and new to any other experience I had ever had.

Powerful and articulate, Collin* moved to England 5 months previously from Scotland. He was training on becoming an actor and was regularly in the theatre playing small and sometimes even leading roles.

I had met him when my local theatre house was holding a vintage market. Collin* was by the entrance when he caught my eye; he was tall, with mousy brown hair to his shoulders and piercing blue eyes. He wasn’t the type of man that I normally felt attracted to but there was something about him that lured me in.

After speaking for a while it was obvious the attraction was mutual yet I felt no connection; no connection physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually but I felt a connection sexually, a strong connection that surprised me as our conversation had so far been polite.

We later exchanged numbers and although we spoke for a while there was nothing in our conversation that kept me on edge but I lured for him to take me; I was engrossed in fantasies about him yet didn’t care of the conversations that we spoke of.

I was about to cut all ties, believing it was a waste of both our energy when Collin* phoned me, telling me it was time to stop this endless charade and get down to what we really wanted, a night of passion.

In other scenarios I would have taken this as an insult. I am not the type of woman to have one night stands, yes I may have had friends with benefits but never do I just sleep with a random man I had just met, especially if there was no connection in any other department but with such a blunt statement, I was relieved that he also felt the same.

Pressed against the wall, Collin* caressed my breast while biting my earlobe. Although both of us were still fully dressed I could feel his erection through his trousers as he pushed it against my groin. I felt powerless, like I was under a spell of pure lust and passion. We made our way to the bedroom and both dropped to the bed, tearing each others clothes off whilst locked in an embrace. Collins* body was well sculptured, lean and yet strong, you could see the perfectly formed muscles through his flesh. His penis was large and incredibly thick; it was the most beautiful penis I had ever seen.

Fondling his penis in my hands, I played with his penis. Stroking it, licking it, kissing it, sucking it, I could have done so for hours. Collin* was breathing heavily, light groans escaped his lips; I could feel his penis pulsating until he gently yet quickly laid me on my back. Biting my earlobe, Collin* moved down my body, lightly digging his teeth into every sensitive spot he could find. He bit gently on my clitoris then vigoursly swirling his tongue around it until it made my legs tremble, I scurried but he pinned my thighs down with his hands and continued. I was in pure ecstasy and close to having an orgasm when he stopped; he climbed back on top of me and told me firmly ‘don’t you dare come yet!’

Collin* then pushed his large penis deep inside of me, making me squeal with excitement. His thrusts pounded into me, in perfect motion and speed he was hitting my G-spot, I gasped for air, digging my nails into his back as he continued to fuck me at force. I was close again but he stopped, he denied me another orgasm. He turned me over onto my stomach, this time more roughly. He climbed back on top off me and in my ear he told me again ‘don’t you dare come yet!’

Collin* then re-entered his penis, causing me to squeal again as his thighs locked my legs shut. Again he was hitting the spot; he was doing so on purpose. He knew I was close to coming, he could feel my vagina contracting but he kept repeating ‘don’t you dare come yet!’ every time I had a contraction.

‘Why?’ I begged; I felt the orgasm building stronger and stronger inside of me.

Collin* then stopped, again I lost an orgasm and was now starting to become irritable. Collin* pulled me up towards him and started to gently rub his fingers over my clitoris, getting more firmer in his touch he leaned into my ear and in his deep Scottish accent he replied ‘because I want you to have the most earth shattering orgasm of you’re life, so don’t come until I say so’. He was assertive in his words; his fingers were becoming firmer on my clitoris. It felt like torture, a pleasurable torture that I wanted to end yet still continue.

This continued for hours, he brought me to orgasm in so many ways yet deprived me of feeling them. Facing towards the wall he entered me again, his one hand around the back of my neck and his other teasing my clitoris. I could feel his penis pulsating inside of me, my vagina was also contracting strongly, and I could feel it getting warmer. I was close to coming again and just as I was ready for him to deprive me yet of another orgasm he didn’t, instead he whispered the words I had been yearning to hear all night ‘you can come now’

Those words alone set my heart racing. As he pushed his penis in deeper and faster I felt my knees starting to go weak, my groans become louder and my mind become numb. The orgasm was powerful, so powerful that it lasted longer than any other orgasm I had previously experienced. I was panting for breath, shivers went through my body and moans of pleasure escaped my mouth.

Collin* was thrusting erratically, his breathing getting louder and his grip on my neck stronger until he let out a gasp. I felt his penis pulsating in me, his grip on my neck became lose and he buried his head in my shoulder as he let out muffled groans.

We collapsed on the bed after and fell into a deep sleep.

The morning arrived, I woke in a haze, was what happened last night true? Or did I just dream this. I was unsure, until I saw Collin* beside me. He was stirring, I just watched. How could this man who I know nothing about or care to know about give me the best sex of my life? Maybe that was why he could?. Collin* awoke whilst I was getting dressed. I told him I had to go, I had a busy day ahead of me and needed to get home. He smiled; I think we both shared the same feeling. Sex last night was so great that it couldn’t be redone; a morning quickie would ruin it so it is best to stop now.

I left shortly after, I was worried I would feel cheap but I didn’t I felt more alive than I ever had been, I still smile about that encounter to this day.

I have since then not had another one night stand and doubt I ever will again but I don’t regret the night I did, sometimes sexual connection is all some people share, a powerful one that can erupt at any giving moment, so why not make the most of it? Why not for a couple of hours allow yourself pleasure and pleasure only?

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Love Vivienne Pleasure



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