Review: Nippleicious Nipple Jewellery

Whilst recently visiting the London Alternative Market (LAM) I came across one store called Nippleicious. I was blown away with the amount of beautiful nipple jewellery they was selling. All hand crafted and unique in design; Nippleicious offer a wide variety of non-invasive nipple jewellery.

Speaking to the lady who handcrafts and sales this jewellery, I was amazed with how strong they was and walked away with a beautiful handcuff nipple set

Noose loose

Noose loose


Although this may look fragile, don’t be fooled. This nipple jewellery is incredibly tough and made to last. The loop on this nipple jewellery is flexible and strong and tightens easily around you’re nipple without feeling uncomfortable.

The little handcuffs are rigid so they won’t bend or break but are light so they won’t put pressure on your nipples either.

Noose tightened

Noose tightened

How to use

Nippleicious nipple jewellery is incredibly easy to use. Just pull down the bead to loosen the loop and then put the loop over your erect nipples and then pull the bead back up until the loop is firmly around your nipple.

Sometimes the loop may be a bit stiff at the beginning to tighten and loosen but the owner assured me that a tiny bit of baby oil will help and is safe to use on this product.

Nippleicious Nipple Jewellery

My verdict

Having neither of my nipples pierced I have never been able to enhance that area of my body so it was nice to finally find a product that did.

I was quite apprehensive at first, I was worried the nipple jewellery would be fragile but the owner reassured me they weren’t and she was right, these little jewels are tough. After considering if I should buy a pair (which didn’t take me long) I bought a nice little handcuff set that came in their own little red organiser bag.

When I got home I tried out the Nippleicious nipple jewellery on myself; they are incredibly easy to use but I did have to make sure my nipples where fully erect to tighten them around the base otherwise they did slide off when trying to tighten them but once they are firmly around the base of my nipple and tightened they didn’t go anywhere.

The little handcuffs hang nicely and have the words freedom written on them. They are rigid but incredibly light so I never at any point felt them tug or pull at my nipples, making them very comfortable to wear.

Wearing the nipple jewellery was a lot of fun and looked absolutely stunning; they are a great accessory to wear for a certain other person or just for you.

Taking them off was also easy, they left no marks on my skin but they did keep my nipples erect for quite a while afterwards.

I have worn the Nippleicious nipple jewellery a few times now and they are still going strong. I will in the future be buying more nipple jewellery as they have such a wide variety to choose from and I love the fact that they are handcrafted and unique in designs.

I highly recommend Nippleicious nipple jewellery to others who really want to enhance their nipples without having to get a piercing.

Nippleicious Etsy page

Nippleicious Ebay page

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Love Vivienne Pleasure




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