The Institute of Sexology at the Welcome Collection

This weekend I decided to pay a visit to the Institute of Sexology exhibition at the Welcome Museum, London.

Being a massive history fan, especially of social history I was curious to learn of human sexuality and how it has evolved and been studied throughout the centuries. Articles from Marie Stopes who was a campaigner for women’s rights and pioneer in birth control as well as the praise and criticism she faced on her controversial sex manual: Married Love.

You will also find articles on Magnus Hirschfield, Sigmund Freud who declared in the early 1900’s that homosexuality was not of a mental illness and was against it being treated as a crime. Freud who unlike many of his time saw homosexuality as neither dangerous or wrong but as a natural sexual function and was strongly opposed to ‘the gay conversion therapy’ (which was popular of this time) believing it to be a harmful practice.

Alfred Kinsey a sexologist who caused controversy in his human sexuality research in the 1940/50’s and created the Kinsey scale. Plus many more pioneers work on human sexuality being showed at the Institute of sexology exhibition.

Not only does the exhibition only contain articles but also artwork and objects that have played a huge part in our sexuality, such as: The Indian Karma Sutra to Metal spiked cock rings that were used to prevent masturbation, pornography to birth control.

I was amazed at how sexuality has evolved throughout human history, how society has not only shaped sexuality but how sexuality has also shaped us and how religion, medicine and politics play a big influence in what we class as natural and unnatural practices in sex.

The institute of sexology book is on sale at the Welcome Collection

The Institute of Sexology exhibition will be on until the 20th September 2015 at the Welcome Collection, London.

I suggest anyone who is curious about sexology or even just the history of sex to visit as it has a lot to offer in our understanding of sex.

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Love Vivienne Pleasure



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