Hello I am Vivienne Pleasure.

I am in my mid twenties and live in the south east of England. I am a sex enthusiast (as you probably have noticed) who has no inhibitions inside the bedroom and sometimes even outside of the bedroom.

Sex for me comes very naturally and I live by the motto “I’ll try everything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure” by Mae West. I have always admired characters such as Samantha Jones (SATC), Blanche Devereaux (The Golden Girls) and historical figures such as Betty Paige and Cleopatra. These women not only claimed their sexuality but were also proud of it. For me this is liberating as women have always had to hide their desire for sex due to societies expectations on them and even to this day society still has ‘standards’ on a females sexuality.

Not only am I passionate about sex but also sextoys. For me there is no such thing as having too many sextoys, experimenting is a part of my nature and I love testing out a wide variety of them.

All my sex toys and future sex toys will be reviewed and placed in my blog with honest reviews and I don’t only review sextoys but also erotic novels and lingerie.

Apart from the sex side of me I am a normal everyday girl. I am a massive social history fan who is fascinated with the Victorian era; I love art and photography and have always dreamt of owning my own little library.

You could say that I am just your average woman with a naughty side.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy 🙂


Vivienne Pleasure



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