Slut Shaming

One thing that irritates me, no I should say infuriates me is ‘slut shaming’. I have noticed that in the last couple of years it has become more of a common occurrence in society and I have often seen it displayed in public, social media and even the news.

For those of you who do not know what ‘slut shaming’ is, it is a term that is usually aimed towards a female based on her sexuality and the way she conducts herself (either by clothing, make up or behaviour).

‘Slut shaming’ and I use this term loosely is carried out by males and females and it is basically used as a way to demean and degrade someone.

Last year a certain newspaper reported a female who had given oral sex to a certain amount of men in a night club in Magaluf. What I found funny was that the article focused entirely on her and the undertone was very much ‘slut shaming’. What was worse was the publics comments on this girl, how she was ‘easy’ ‘stupid’ ‘how her parents will be ashamed’ ‘how they would disown her if she was theirs’ and so on. Now that is all well and good but may I ask where the uproar on the males who also participated in this act was. Of course, there were hardly any. Not by the public or media, it was all focused on the girl instead.

Now I understand not everyone would do or agree with what this girl did, I wouldn’t do it myself but surely putting it on front page news is just adding and allowing ‘slut shaming’? The media declared that they only used this story to discuss what was happening in young tourist hot spots but if it was just about that then why the young lady in question was the main focus? Why did she and not the others dominate the whole article(s) about it?

When the media starts to ‘slut shame’ it basically gives a green card for others to follow suit, believing that it is ok to do so and just something a female should expect if she gets ‘out of line’ in her sexual conduct. An old female colleague told me that any woman who just has sex with a man who is not a boyfriend is in terms a ‘slut’ and shouldn’t expect not to be called one. I hoped that her opinion was just a one off but I have often come across similar views since from both sexes.

‘Slut shaming’ is just another form of control over a woman’s sexuality and a dangerous one which not only leaves some in isolation but also creates a skewed concept of what is acceptable and not acceptable to women. I wouldn’t know where to start on ending this term, although I do believe if the media stopped doing so then that might stop most of it. To me if a female chooses to wait for marriage or wants a new man every weekend then that is her choice and neither should be criticised for their choices if it is safe and consensual. I have heard some who say they do so (slut shame) out of concern as the young female could be in danger and as much as I can understand why they are saying this, they are basically now just victim blaming (slut shaming and victim blaming are closely linked) and instead of helping the situation, they are just making it a whole lot more worse.

Of course my opinion is just that, an opinion and I am sure many others will have different opinions on this subject but I really do believe that if we want to progress in society and especially against sexism then we really must stamp out ‘slut shaming’ for good.

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The Institute of Sexology at the Welcome Collection

This weekend I decided to pay a visit to the Institute of Sexology exhibition at the Welcome Museum, London.

Being a massive history fan, especially of social history I was curious to learn of human sexuality and how it has evolved and been studied throughout the centuries. Articles from Marie Stopes who was a campaigner for women’s rights and pioneer in birth control as well as the praise and criticism she faced on her controversial sex manual: Married Love.

You will also find articles on Magnus Hirschfield, Sigmund Freud who declared in the early 1900’s that homosexuality was not of a mental illness and was against it being treated as a crime. Freud who unlike many of his time saw homosexuality as neither dangerous or wrong but as a natural sexual function and was strongly opposed to ‘the gay conversion therapy’ (which was popular of this time) believing it to be a harmful practice.

Alfred Kinsey a sexologist who caused controversy in his human sexuality research in the 1940/50’s and created the Kinsey scale. Plus many more pioneers work on human sexuality being showed at the Institute of sexology exhibition.

Not only does the exhibition only contain articles but also artwork and objects that have played a huge part in our sexuality, such as: The Indian Karma Sutra to Metal spiked cock rings that were used to prevent masturbation, pornography to birth control.

I was amazed at how sexuality has evolved throughout human history, how society has not only shaped sexuality but how sexuality has also shaped us and how religion, medicine and politics play a big influence in what we class as natural and unnatural practices in sex.

The institute of sexology book is on sale at the Welcome Collection

The Institute of Sexology exhibition will be on until the 20th September 2015 at the Welcome Collection, London.

I suggest anyone who is curious about sexology or even just the history of sex to visit as it has a lot to offer in our understanding of sex.

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Not only am I now on Twitter but now I am on


I will be able to upload more pictures of the products I am viewing plus more.

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Sex toys for a good cause

Not only am I a lover of all things that vibrate and buzz but I am also a huge supporter in charities, especially charities that help not only basic human rights but educate others.

So when I recently read an article in The Guardian about a charity that is opening a new online sex toy shop, I was very intrigued.

The fpa is a registered charity based in the United Kingdom. Having been around for 85 years, the fpa has helped numerous people across the UK with sexuality, contraception, STD’s and much more.

This is also the same charity who run free courses (depending on location) to parents in teaching they’re children about sex education, who go to schools and teach children about safe sex and sexuality, support those who are living with HIV and campaign for abortion rights.

The fpa is the only registered charity within the UK running an online sex toy shop. Selling a variety of products from vibrators to condoms, butt plugs to lubricants, they offer you a wide range of new and exciting sex toys and do you know what is even better? By buying they’re sex toys you are giving them vital funds in helping this remarkable charity to continue helping others.

Now that is what I call sex toy satisfaction.

But not only does the fpa online sex toy shop (which is called fpa pleasure) sell products but they also have amazing tips and articles to share on they’re website, such as pleasure guides; which gives you a range of information on sex toys but also pillow talk; filled with loads of tips and advice on sexual health, relationships and much more.

I am very passionate and happy that a charity has made such a great innovative move and I will definitely be buying products from them in the near future. (online sex toy store) (charity website)

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Turned Dirty – Ceramic Sex toy Studio

Ceramic sex toys just like glass sex toys are a big hit with any sex toy enthusiast. Not only are they super hygienic to use and excellent with hot or cold play but they are stunning to look at and are even better to touch. So imagine if you heard of a new Ceramic sex Toy Company that not only offered you beautiful designs but also custom made designs of you’re choice?

Isn’t this what dreams are made of? To own a sex toy specifically made for us and not produced for the masses?

Well it looks like dreams do come true as I have recently discovered a new Ceramic set toy company starting up business.

Turned Dirty

Based in London and offering international shipping, Turned Dirty is a new small scaled business that not only designs but also creates beautiful ceramic sex toys using high quality materials, personal expertise and amazing craftsmanship.

Unlike other ceramic sex toys which are usually mass produced on an industrial scale; Turned Dirty works on a much smaller scale, giving not only more time and care of they’re products but also working with you the customer in creating the perfect ceramic toy, adding that special touch to you’re sex toy collection.

What does Turned Dirty offer that others don’t?

Turned Dirty not only gives they’re products more care and time than mass produced ceramic sex toys but also offers you individual and unique ceramic sex toys that you wont find anywhere else. Here are just some of the great benefits that Turned Dirty provides:


Designed for penetrative use (vaginally or anally) Turned Dirty’s ceramic sex toys are made of high quality clay and are produced in London, United Kingdom.

The quality of clay they use not only makes they’re products safe and long lasting but you wont have to worry about the toy being chipped or damaged (although you should always check you’re toy over before every use).

All of Turned Dirty’s products are hand painted with a non-porous glaze, making them hygienic and easy to clean.


All of Turned Dirty’s products are hand painted, giving you the customer not only a unique sex toy but also excellent craftsmanship.

Another plus is they also do custom made designs tailored to you’re likings. You heard correctly, you can design you’re very own sex toy! So whether you want a colour change or to go all the way out and add bumps, nodules or swirls the choice is yours. Just send them you’re design and they will help you or you’re partner’s dreams come true.

Get involved

Not only can you design you’re very own sex toy but you can even get involved in the making of it. Turned Dirty offers you a great opportunity to come down to they’re ceramic studio and get involved in the process. You will meet the experts and watch them in action creating you’re very own design. All this and a cup of tea or coffee included, what is not to love?

Eco Friendly

All of Turned Dirty’s ceramic sex toys are made of high quality, responsible resourced clay and use electric run kilns. So you can have plenty of earth shattering orgasms without the fear of actually shattering the earth in the process.

So if you are interested in getting you’re hands on reasonably priced, high quality and handmade ceramic sex toys that are designed to give you pleasure and to last a lifetime then Turned Dirty is the place for you. Ceramic sex toys will not only look great in you’re toy box (and feel great) but would be a perfect gift to that special person in you’re life and a memorable one too.

Or if you are not interested in buying a ceramic sex toy but are keen to sponsor and support small independent traders, then why not show you’re love and send them a donation instead.

Turned Dirty

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Practicing BDSM Without a Dominant

Some great advice by Uncollared Pup on practising submission without a Dom.

Uncollared Pup

tumblr_no3ji2SxnZ1uuy6gho1_500Finding a Dom is tough and also finding one who is real is even tougher. I’ve had advances from Doms who turned out not to be real Doms which is heartbreaking, but it is possible to practice BDSM without a Dominant. Even though you won’t be able to properly ‘discipline’ yourself without a Dominant there are other things that you can do: practice commands, practice submission positions, and many other things. 

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It has been a long time.


Wow. It has been a long time since I have updated my blog with new reviews and articles. Unfortunately I have been super busy the last few months so I haven’t had much free time to update but now that I am more available you shall see more frequent reviews and posts.

Although I have been busy, my sex toy collection hasn’t stopped growing and I recently had to buy myself a new storage box as my old 30ltr one was just bursting at the seams.

What can I say? Some people like shopping for shoes but I like shopping for sex toys.

I am currently writing an article on squirting (female ejaculation) which will be up soon and hopefully by the New Year I will have new reviews up for you all to see.

Hope you all have a kinky Christmas and that Santa gives you lot’s of naughty presents.


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The history of sex toys

We are led to believe that sex toys are a 20th century invention, becoming more popular in the 21st century and although it may be correct to say they are more popular now than ever before they are certainly not a recent invention.

The oldest sex aid in the world was discovered in Germany and is around 35,000 years old. Archeologists discovered the nude figurine of a female with large breasts and a large vulva and believe with how sexualized the figurine is that the cave men used these as a 3D pornographic image.

Phallus windchime from Druid England.

Phallic wind chime from Druid England.

In England the Druids would have bronze phallus wind chimes hanging outside their home, it was thought that an erect penis was a lucky charm and would ward of evil. The Greeks and Romans also believed that erect penises were a sign of good fortune and would decorate their home and furniture with penises and even wore jewelry displaying them.

Being a huge history geek as well as a sex toy fan I was curious to see what aids they used, surely they must have had some kink in their lives? So I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were just as kinky as we are today.

The Dildo

The first documented dildo in the world was from ancient Greece 500BC. Made of wood, these dildos were relatively small as the ancient Greeks believed that large penises were of beasts (Hmm I know what I would prefer). Called the Olisbos, merchants would sale these dildos to single women and women whose husbands had gone away to war. The women would also share the dildos between them (ick).

Ancient painting of a Greek woman using two Olisbos (dildos)

Ancient painting of a Greek woman using two Olisbos (dildos)

It wasn’t until the 1400’s in renaissance Italy that the name Olisbos was changed to Diletto (dildo). The Italians also made other changes to the dildo, they started making them not only out of wood but also leather and exaggerated the size so much that the dildos had to be used with olive oil for lubrication.

The vibrator

It is rumored that Cleopatra was the first ever vibrator owner. Using a calabash filled with live bees, Cleopatra would use the vibrations to help stimulate her. Let’s just hope none of the bees ever got loose from the calabash at the time.

Cock ring

Invented in China around 1200, the men would use eyelids of goats (yes you heard correct). Tying the eyelids around the base of their penis, it helped them not only maintain an erection but also increased pleasure. They also kept the eyelashes intact as it stimulated the clitoris. The cock ring became so popular in China that it became a status symbol with the wealthy purchasing cock rings made of ivory and other exotic materials to crown their very own jewels.

Ben Wa Balls

Originating from Japan in 500AD, the Ben Wa Balls were made of ivory, china, gold, silver and other materials. Originally a sex toy designed for men to increase pleasure through intercourse, they soon discovered that they not only stimulated the woman but also helped work her pelvic floor muscles. In the 20th century Ben Wa Ball became increasingly popular worldwide.

The first ever steam powered vibrator. Used to treat hysteria.

The first ever steam powered vibrator. Used to treat hysteria.

The steam powered vibrator

In the Victorian era it seemed that hysteria was growing rife. Hysteria (now known as just being horny and not a medical condition) was then classed as an illness that afflicted itself upon women, causing them to become irritable, restless, having a heavy pelvis and sexual fantasies. Doctors would often use their hands to help the patients but with so many women walking through their doors, their hands became increasingly tired.

It wasn’t until 1869 that an American physician called Dr George Taylor created the steam powered vibrator to help his colleagues.

This is just a few of the sex toys I have discovered from the past but I am sure there are plenty more to learn about. Do you know of any other sex toy history? Or other aids that our ancestors had created or used? If so let us know in the comments below 🙂

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Hyper sexual, obsessed, nympho is just some of the words I have heard about myself and to be fair it is probably true. I am a sexual person just like the other 99% of the population and like you and others I enjoy good sex but unfortunately we find that good sex isn’t always guaranteed.

Good sex can take years to master, countless sex books to hoard, browsing hours on the internet for tips and advice, boxes full of useless sex toys that never gave us any satisfaction let alone the cost of batteries we had to buy along the way. When we do discover what makes us tick and develop our own sexual fantasies we then have to learn how to please our lover and learn if we our sexually compatible which can be very exciting yet sometimes frustrating.

This was why I decided to write this blog, I spent a lot of years and money on learning how to please not only myself but a man and then I realized ‘wouldn’t it just be easier if I give everyone a head start (no pun intended) in sex?’

In my blog I will be reviewing everything from sex toys, lingerie to erotic novels, I will be writing articles on different fetishes to how to build your own confidence in the bedroom plus giving my own sex tips and asking male and female friends for theirs too.

I want this to be the ultimate sex blog and for you all to see sex as a passion not a chore or a frustrating task that gives you no result.

I am very passionate about sex and enjoy discovering new adventures and I feel we all want, need and deserve that in our sex life.

Thank you for reading, I hope you continue to read or subscribe to my blog.



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