Review: Nippleicious Nipple Jewellery

Whilst recently visiting the London Alternative Market (LAM) I came across one store called Nippleicious. I was blown away with the amount of beautiful nipple jewellery they was selling. All hand crafted and unique in design; Nippleicious offer a wide variety of non-invasive nipple jewellery.

Speaking to the lady who handcrafts and sales this jewellery, I was amazed with how strong they was and walked away with a beautiful handcuff nipple set

Noose loose

Noose loose


Although this may look fragile, don’t be fooled. This nipple jewellery is incredibly tough and made to last. The loop on this nipple jewellery is flexible and strong and tightens easily around you’re nipple without feeling uncomfortable.

The little handcuffs are rigid so they won’t bend or break but are light so they won’t put pressure on your nipples either.

Noose tightened

Noose tightened

How to use

Nippleicious nipple jewellery is incredibly easy to use. Just pull down the bead to loosen the loop and then put the loop over your erect nipples and then pull the bead back up until the loop is firmly around your nipple.

Sometimes the loop may be a bit stiff at the beginning to tighten and loosen but the owner assured me that a tiny bit of baby oil will help and is safe to use on this product.

Nippleicious Nipple Jewellery

My verdict

Having neither of my nipples pierced I have never been able to enhance that area of my body so it was nice to finally find a product that did.

I was quite apprehensive at first, I was worried the nipple jewellery would be fragile but the owner reassured me they weren’t and she was right, these little jewels are tough. After considering if I should buy a pair (which didn’t take me long) I bought a nice little handcuff set that came in their own little red organiser bag.

When I got home I tried out the Nippleicious nipple jewellery on myself; they are incredibly easy to use but I did have to make sure my nipples where fully erect to tighten them around the base otherwise they did slide off when trying to tighten them but once they are firmly around the base of my nipple and tightened they didn’t go anywhere.

The little handcuffs hang nicely and have the words freedom written on them. They are rigid but incredibly light so I never at any point felt them tug or pull at my nipples, making them very comfortable to wear.

Wearing the nipple jewellery was a lot of fun and looked absolutely stunning; they are a great accessory to wear for a certain other person or just for you.

Taking them off was also easy, they left no marks on my skin but they did keep my nipples erect for quite a while afterwards.

I have worn the Nippleicious nipple jewellery a few times now and they are still going strong. I will in the future be buying more nipple jewellery as they have such a wide variety to choose from and I love the fact that they are handcrafted and unique in designs.

I highly recommend Nippleicious nipple jewellery to others who really want to enhance their nipples without having to get a piercing.

Nippleicious Etsy page

Nippleicious Ebay page

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Love Vivienne Pleasure




Review: Wartenberg Pinwheels

Since getting into BDSM I have become curious in toys that give sensation play, usually pleasure and pain mixed together.

One item that would often pop up would be a Wartenberg pinwheel. Wartenberg pinwheels use to be used as a medical device to test nerve reactions but are now commonly used in BDSM and as sensation toys.

After a couple of months of debating whether this toy really was for me I decided to take the plunge and order one of and I am glad I did.

wartenberg pinwheels


Made of stainless steel; this wartenberg pinwheel is 7 inches in length and has one pinwheel containing 20 pins.

Lightweight to hold, the wartenberg pinwheel handle is engraved so you have a better grip when using this toy.

How to use

Wartenberg pinwheels are incredibly easy to use. Just run the pinwheels over your partners back, arms, legs, buttocks, inner thighs, chest or genitals to give them an amazing pleasurable sensation. If this is you or your partners first time using these pinwheels then start of running them across your partner’s body lightly until they are comfortable with you using more pressure.

Being made of stainless steel, they are also easy to clean. Just boil them in hot water until sterilised.

wartenberg pinwheels

My verdict

Arriving in a pouch, I was impressed with how chic these wartenberg pinwheels actually are. Although they have 20 pins attached they really are not intimidating to a novice in BDSM toys.

The engraving on the handle gave me a good grip and they are light to hold. I tested the pins on myself first and although they are sharp, I didn’t puncture my skin when I really pressed them into my arm; which is a good thing.

Although I can use these pinwheels on myself I never got as good of a sensation until someone used them on me. Having the Wartenberg pinwheels run over my inner thighs gave me an incredibly pleasurable sensation and really heightened my arousal but it was also very relaxing.

Using them on someone else was also enjoyable and arousing too. The wheel of this toy glides smoothly, making the sensation more persistent.

I found the best was to use and receive a wartenberg pinwheel is by not knowing where the pinwheels are going to be used. This increases you or your partner’s anticipation and makes you/them want more.

To clean these Wartneberg wheels was very easy, all I do is boil them in hot water for a couple of minutes until they are sterilised.

I would definitely recommend Wartenberg pinwheels to anyone who is interested in sensation play or just wants to add a bit of spice in the bedroom.

Wartenberg Pinwheels £8.99

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Review: Lovehoney’s Bondage Boutiques Breathable ball gag

I have been into bondage for quite sometime now and one of the first bondage items I had to buy was a mouth gag.

Being a novice at the time I was unsure on what mouth gag would be most appropriate for me. Did I want a small or large one? Silicone or plastic? Ventilated or non-ventilated? I had many questions I needed answers too.

After much searching and deliberating I came across a mouth gag on which looked the most suited to me.

Bondage boutique breathable ball gag


Being just less than 6 inches in circumference, the ball is made of PVC and has ventilation holes in making it easier for the wearer to breathe. The straps to the Bondage boutique breathable ball gag are made of leather and have an adjustable fastening (between 17 to 23 inches) to make it fit more comfortable around the wearers head. Both straps have a metal O ring and a metal buckle. It is designed for beginners but can also be used by those more advanced in BDSM.

How to use

Bondage Boutiques breathable ball gag is really easy to use, just place the ball in you’re mouth and fasten the buckle behind you’re head until it fits firmly in place (never fit the buckle too tightly that it feels uncomfortable, even though it is for BDSM, we don’t want to injure ourselves).

To clean this ball gag is quite simple and I say quite because the ball has ventilation holes; it can be difficult to clean inside them. Use warm water and an antibacterial soap or sex cleaner to clean the ball. Be careful of the straps, being made of leather and metal you don’t want to damage and rust them.

Bondage boutique ball gag

My verdict

I bought the Bondage Boutiques breathable ball gag a few years ago now from Lovehoney and I still remember how nervous I was about receiving them. I didn’t yet try out BDSM and was unsure if they would hurt my mouth or even break my teeth (tiny bit hypochondriacal).

I didn’t need to worry though. The mouth gag was not as intimidating as I thought it was going to be and was made really well. I was very impressed with the quality and as the years have gone on and I have tried many other gags I still am happy with how well the Bondage Boutiques breathable ball gag is made.

The straps being made of leather are comfortable and do not rub into my skin as the metal O rings on both straps also do not cause me any discomfort. The buckle is also strong and sturdy but can be hard to fasten by myself.

The ball gag is comfortable on you’re teeth (if that makes sense) but I did and still do if I haven’t used the gag for a while get jaw ache. I believe the more you use it the more accustomed and comfortable the ball gets but some may struggle to wear it for long periods of time. The ventilation holes are great; I liked being able to wear a gag without the threat of me struggling to breathe, which was the main reason why I had chosen this ball gag. Due to the air holes you may not be able to drool as much as ball gags with no air holes (I know some like mouth gags for this reason) but if you are not too fussed about producing a lot of drool then this gag is great.

I have had this gag now for many years and it has had a lot of use, yet it still is in very good condition. I have since bought new gags to try and they have not stood the test of time as this ball gag has.

The only negative side I can think of to this gag is the cleaning of the inside of the ball which can be a pain but really shouldn’t put you off.

The Bondage Boutique breathable ball gag is great for novices in BDSM but also those who are more advanced. I would highly recommend this ball gag to anyone who is considering purchasing one.

Love honey’s Bondage Boutique breathable ball gag £14.99 (UK Store)

Lovehoney’s Bondage Boutique breathable ball gag $24.99(US Store)

Lovehoney’s Bondage Boutique breathable ball gag $26.95 (AUS Store)

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Review: Bondara’s Realistic Suction Dildo

Ever since I got my first dildo (Mr Harry) my love for dildos has grown, maybe too much as I now want every colour and size available.

Searching for a new dildo to add to my collection, I was after something realistic looking and feeling (I prefer realistic dildos the most, although I know some don’t) and came across hundreds of dildos to choose from on many sex toy sites.

What attracted me to Bondara’s Realistic suction cup dildo was it was 1) not too large as my other dildos but still grithy and 2) it looked the most natural looking from the other dildos I had seen.

Bondara's Realistic Suction dildo


Made of Phthalate-free PVC this dildo is 7 inches in length (not including suction cup) and 5.75 inches insertable and has a girth measurement of 5.2 inches. Realistic looking; this dildo is flesh coloured with detailed veins on the shaft and a realistic head, it also has a scrotum and a strong yet sturdy suction cup attached at the base of it.

How to use

This dildo can be used vaginally or anally although due to its porous nature it is best to use a condom with this dildo for anal and not to share with others. Having a suction cup attached at the base you not only can use this dildo manually with hands but stick it to any solid smooth surface and use it with a strap on harness.

To clean these dildos just use warm water (not boiling as it can damage the material) and a mild anti-bacterial soap or sex toy cleaner.

Bondara's realistic suction dildo

My verdict

The Bondara’s realistic suction dildo arrived discreetly and quickly and came in its own plastic packaging. The size and look of this dildo looks exactly the same or if not better than what it does on Bondara’s website so I was very happy with this.

I also liked not only how realistic this dildo looks but also how soft the material is, although it is firm, it is also flexible and smooth to the feel.

As I am only using this dildo vaginally I didn’t feel the need to use a condom with it after it was washed (always wash new sex toys first) but I still had to use a water based lubricant to fully insert this dildo, I blame my kegel exercises.

The Bondara’s realistic suction dildo entered me smoothly and easily and actually felt more ‘real’ inside me than my other two previous dildos. I believe this is because it is not as rigid (although still firm) as the others.

The suction cup on this dildo is also very strong and did not slide or lose its suction throughout my vigorous testing but it was also good to use as a handle if you prefer to use this dildo manually. I believe what gave me great orgasms with this dildo was not only the realness it portrays but also the head of this dildo is nicely shaped and makes it easier for me reaching my G-spot.

This dildo was also easy to clean; I used warm water and a mild antibacterial soap. The only down side I can find about this dildo is due to its material (PVC) it tends to go sticky when dry and collects dust but you can a buy sex toy powder which will stop this from happening or (Sneaky tip) use a mild none fragranced talcum powder instead.

I would highly recommend the Bondara’s Realistic suction dildo to other dildo lovers or anyone who is after a realistic looking and feeling dildo.

Bondara realisitic suction dildo £13.99

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Review: The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads

I already have two sets of vibrating anal beads but I have never had classic anal beads. I have heard many things of anal beads, being a classic sex toy that originated from the east to increase pleasure; I thought I would give them a go.

So on my quest to find a new toy to try out and experiment with I stumbled across the Jumbo Thai Anal beads on

Jumbo Thai Anal beads


Made of jelly rubber and containing latex and phthalates, the Jumbo Thai Anal beads are 11 inches in length and contains ten graduated beads; smallest circumference being 2.5 inches and the largest 3 inches.

Although rigid, these beads are still flexible and are best used with a water based lubricant.

How to use

Before using, make sure the Jumbo Thai Anal beads are fully lubricated with a water based lubricant. Once fully lubricated, insert one anal bead in at a time (preferably the smallest if you are new to anal play) and then gradually build you’re way up to inserting more. Although the Jumbo Thai Anal beads has ten beads, it does not have a finger hook attached so for reasons of it not getting ‘stuck’ up there, never insert all ten of them at one go.

My Verdict

Arriving discreetly and well packaged and made of jelly rubber, The Jumbo Thai anal beads are smooth to touch and are sold only in black. I was quite surprised and slightly disappointed that these anal beads where not as large as I had imagined. Although they are slightly larger than other anal beads currently being sold on the market, they are not intimidating to use. If anything I’m starting to prefer larger toys in that *cough* area.

None the less, I got out a water based lubricant and tried them out. Being made of jelly rubber, these beads are firmer and more rigid than most. I personally prefer this as I find it much easier to insert but others may not like its rigidness. The only problem I found was, although designed with ten beads, this toy hasn’t got finger hook or any other device to hold on to whilst using so you will only be able to insert nine beads maximum.

The Jumbo Thai Anal beads were definitely enjoyable to use, although tricky to hold on to, they did create good stimulation and added a more intense pleasure in clitoral play. They are also easy to clean, using a mild antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner but due to being made of jelly rubber, I wouldn’t share this sex toy due to its porous nature.

The only downside I have with this toy is that there is no finger hook, so I was very wary of how deeply I inserted the Jumbo Thai Anal beads. Apart from that I would recommend the Jumbo Thai Anal beads to anyone who enjoys the use of anal beads or wants to try out anal beads for the first time.

The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads – £7.99 (UK store)

The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads – $11.99 (US store)

The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads – $12.95 (AUS store)

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Review: Pink Mr Realist

I am not overly fussed with dildos to be honest, I prefer toys that vibrate than more than anything but as I only have one dildo (Mr Harry) and he delivered his promises I decided to try out another dildo but this time I wanted one less real looking in colour, less large and made of a material much more easier to clean and look after.

I decided to get the Pink Mr Realist on Bondara, a silicone made dildo.

Pink Mr Realist


Pink Mr Realist comes in a hot pink colour (not my ideal colour choice but try finding many toys that are not ‘pink’) and is available in 4 different sizes. The smallest dildo measures 5 inches insertable and the largest measuring 7.5 inches insertable.

Made of silicone, this dildo is very soft to the touch and has vein detailing on the shaft of the dildo for a more realistic feeling.

It is also waterproof and has a suction cup at the base so you have the option of using this dildo hands free.

How to use

Being made of silicone, a non porous material; you can use Pink Mr Realist where ever you please (vaginally or anally) and this dildo is also very easy to clean. Just remember that if you use lubricant with this dildo to use water based lubricant and not a silicone based one as it could damage the dildo.

Having a suction cup, it not only gives you a better grip when using this toy but you can use it hands free on a solid, smooth surface but also with a strap on kit.

Pink Mr Realist

My verdict

Arriving discreetly, Pink Mr Realist arrived in its very own box and was well packaged. I ordered the 6.5 inches dildo (5.5 inches insertable) and was surprised to see how lightweight yet solid this dildo felt.

This dildo is very soft to the touch and what was even better was it is very easy to clean due to it being made of silicone. Being flexible I was able to insert Pink Mr Realist much more easily and comfortably than other toys and as he is not as girthy as Mr Harry, I didn’t need use as much lubricant.

The head of Pink Mr Realist is also smooth and slightly larger than the shaft, which I found was perfect for G-spot stimulation. The suction cup and scrotum of this dildo was also great for holding, giving me a better grip when using this toy.

For orgasms this dildo is definitely worth the buy and although hot pink in colour, it does feel very realistic to use. I like also how this dildo can be used not only by hands but also hands free and with a strap on. The only down side I found though was the suction cup is not as strong as others; probably due to the suction cup size. Although it does stay firmly in place, it won’t stay there longer than others and has a tendency to slide on a solid surface.

If you are looking for a dildo; a less scary version of Mr Harry then I would recommend getting Pink Mr Realist. He is not only less intimidating but also much easier to clean and care for and his material (silicone) is much more hygienic than other dildo materials.

Mr Pink Realist £14.99 – £21.99

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Love Vivienne Pleasure


Review: Jo Hemmings Sex games book

Now I might be a sex toy addict but I am also an avid reader. I love books, to have my own little library is just as much as a dream to me as having my own little sex toy closet.

You will find me on a regular basis browsing book stores and once a day I am on Amazon looking up new releases. Heck, I even have a good reads account.

I normally don’t buy sex books though; whether they are manuals or erotica, I prefer psychological thrillers and crime but I recently spotted in WH smiths a book about role playing games. Being one of my favourite kinks I decided to give it a go and see what new inspiration it could give me.


Paperback or kindle, the Jo Hemmings Sex games book contains 208 pages and is hot pink in colour. This book consists of numerous detailed role playing games to try and the props to use. Plus plenty of information on other fantasies, sex games, sex acts, advice, sex toys and even has you’re horoscopes sexuality traits included.

Sex games by Jo Hemmings

My Verdict

I bought the Jo Hemmings sex games book believing it was only going to be giving me ideas on different scenarios to try out in the bedroom (and maybe even outside of it) but was pleasantly surprised that it offered much more than that.

Every role play scenario is easily laid out and gives a lot of advice on what props you could use and how to set the scene in doing so. My favourite had to be ‘calling in the expert’ role but there is so many roles to choose from ranging from the classic ‘boss and secretary’ to ‘lady of the manor’.

Sex games also contain a lot more useful articles and tips, such as:

  • What fantasies are:

How to confide in you’re partner about them, how to make them reality, types of fantasies, the Pro’s and Con’s of fantasies, plus much more.

  • Different sex acts and locations:

From threesomes, anal sex, watersports to in the garden, sea, beach and in public places.

  • Role playing ideas

A detailed list of different role playing scenarios to try out and that you could also use.

  • BDSM

Telling you in detail about the Dom and Sub relationship, Sadism and Masochism, whipping and spanking, bondage essentials and the importance of safety in bondage play.

  • Sex toys

Advice on the current sex toys, how to include them into you’re sex life and websites of different sex shops to buy from.

  • Other games

How to play games like strip poker and some naughty versions role of the dice, pleasure hunt, peeping tom, plus much more.

This is only a few of the ideas this book gives you, trust me it gives you so much more and I have not only had fun from it but it has also opened my eyes and made me curious about other activities and kinks I would like to try out.

My only downside to this book is, although portable and easy to fit in you’re bag the cover of this book really does aim itself at women which is a shame as the context inside is gender neutral. It can be a book for both men and women but unfortunately it could put men off from enjoying this book due to the hot pink cover.

Apart from that though it really is a useful book to read through and to get ideas and I would recommend it for that. £8.99 paperback or kindle £4.35 £6.49 paperback

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Love Vivienne Violet


Reviews: Tracey Cox’s Supersex G-Spot Vibrator

You can never have too many vibrators I say. New vibrators are produced every day; new materials are manufactured, new silencers, speeds and shapes appear. So why should I just have one? Why not more?

Whilst browsing for a new vibrator to add to my ever growing collection, I stumbled across a sleek black one on Designed by Tracey Cox the Supersex G-Spot Vibrator was different to my other vibrators. Firstly it was a nice black, I had enough of pink or purple colours that seem to dominate female sex toys, secondly it wasn’t the shape of a penis, now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against penis shaped vibrators but a change is a good thing and lastly it was designed by Tracey Cox (if you don’t know who Tracey Cox is, she is a leading sex therapist in the UK). I have already got one item designed by Tracey Cox and it was a good buy here.

Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator


Made of smooth coated plastic this vibrator is firm and contains no latex or phthalates. The Supersex G-spot vibrator has a light up on/off button and a vibration/control button which gives you 3 speed settings and 7 vibration patterns. It takes one AA battery (not included with the toy) and is 6.2 inches in length (4.2 inches insertable). Sleek and stylish, it is light to hold and perfect to slip in you’re bag if you are travelling. Designed to stimulate the G-Spot, the vibrator has a curved head to help reach the spot and is also waterproof.

Tracey Cox Supersex G-Spot Vibrator

How to use

Smooth to insert, the Supersex g-spot vibrator can be used with or without lubricant. Once inserted, switch on the vibrator and choose which vibration and speed most pleases you. This Vibrator is great to use as a regular dildo and can also be used to stimulate the clitoris and other pleasure zones on you’re body.

My verdict

I was looking forward to receiving the Tracey Cox’s Supersex G-spot vibrator. For a simple toy, it looked promising, I had had enough of all the pink and purple vibrators aimed at women, and I wanted something more discreet and less ‘in your face’.

The vibrator arrived in discreet packaging and came in its very own box which included a small leaflet on how to stimulate your G-spot and the benefits of doing so with this vibrator. So far, it was looking good.

The lightness of this vibrator was the first thing I noticed, it is feather light, even with the battery included. I also liked how the vibrator felt, although made of plastic; the Supersex G-spot vibrator has a soft coating over it, making it much smoother than hard plastic.

After examining the Supersex G-spot vibrator, I had to try it. I placed one fully charged AA battery into the bottom compartment and checked out the speed settings and wow! For such a small and light weight toy, this vibrator definitely packed a punch. The strongest vibration had a lot of power to it, just what I like but maybe too strong for others. Each Vibration setting was also different from the next and the power of the vibrations made them more noticeable. Sometime I have find that some vibrators speed(s) are not strong enough to show each distinct pattern but this vibrator definitely does.

I tested the Supersex G-spot vibrator, the curved head on this toy definitely reached the G-spot and the vibrations gave me extra sensations but even if you don’t use the vibrations, it is still a very good toy and hit all the right places. I also used this toy on my clitoris, I was even more impressed! Small, this toy was easy for me to handle and could be used as a clitoris vibrator only; which is what I often use it for now.

Another pro is how easy this vibrator is to clean; having no ridges, it is easy to wipe down and dry with a clean cloth. Although it is waterproof, I still haven’t tested this as I usually don’t use toys in water but in all I would recommend this toy to others. So whether you are a sextoy novice or addict, the Supersex G-spot vibrator is great for multi purpose use and a perfect sex toy to bring with you if you are travelling.

Tracey Cox’s Supersex G-spot Vibrator £19.99 (UK store)

Tracey Cox’s Supersex G-spot Vibrator $25.00 (US store and currently on sale)

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Love Vivienne Violet


Review: Bondara’s Anal butt plug training kit

Anal play and sex has always been a big interest to me and one thing I have always been curious about is butt plug training. I needed to find good sized butt plugs, something easy to clean and preferably something comfortable for my first time.

When I came across Bondara’s butt plug training kit, I knew I had found the set. Not only do I get three but they all came in reasonably good sizes. I found the majority of butt plug kits either did them all too large or small, I needed something that had small, medium and large and after much hunting, I finally found it.

Bondara Anal butt plug training kit


Coming in three sizes the smallest butt plug is 4.1 inches insertable and just under 4 inches at the widest width. The medium butt plug is also 4.1 inches insertable and a little over 4.5 inches in width at the widest point. The largest butt plugs 4.5 inches insertable and 6.1 inches in width at the largest point.

Made of body safe TPE rubber, these butt plugs are waterproof and are safe to use with a water based lubricant, they are also soft to the touch but firm and have tapered bases making it easier for you to insert and remove.

How to use

Although they are firm, these butt plugs really are simple to use and not that scary.

Depending how experienced you are in butt plug training, start with the smallest butt plug first and work you’re way up. Remember there is no rush to get the biggest one in quickly and not to force them but to stop and have a break when they start to feel uncomfortable. Use plenty of water based lubricant, you really can never have too much lubricant and start slowly.

What you wish to do when you’re butt plug is fully inserted is up to you, I myself like to play when they are inserted, others like to leave them in for a couple of hours to get use to them. The choice is yours.

My verdict

Bondara’s Anal Butt plug training kit arrived discreetly and quickly and I was not only excited but also apprehensive of them, especially when I saw the size of the largest. My first reaction was ‘there is no way I will ever be able to use that’ and ‘this will hurt, maybe I made a mistake’ but I need not have worried.

They arrived in there only little box and where individually wrapped in plastic; although the size was intimidating and they was quite firm, there texture was smooth which is a plus when it comes to cleaning.

I started with the smallest butt plug first, I made sure I used plenty of lubricant and even though I had done anal play before and already had anal toys, I just couldn’t seem to get it fully in without it hurting, maybe it was nerves? But after a few days and a couple of tries I finally managed it with ease and comfort.

Unlike other anal toys I have got that comes in different textures and are designed to maximise pleasure, these butt plugs are really standard with no ridges or patterns but for me to say that they don’t deliver pleasure would be a lie, they do! But for me I have to use them kind of like a dildo to get pleasure than just leave them in there (sorry, too much information, I know). What I really did enjoy with these butt plugs though is the challenge they set me, if you are into butt plug training or are curious to try then these are ideal. I can now use the smallest and medium butt plug with ease and although not fully, I am halfway through inserting the largest plug. This kit has not only made me more comfortable with anal play but has helped me a lot with anal sex. Whether it is because my muscles are more use to it now because of this training or if I have relaxed psychologically for anal, I know they definitely helped.

I have only one negative about them and that is although they are easy to clean, they collect dust like crazy. Due to the material, these butt plugs are not designed to stand for long term use and it is probably better to invest you’re money in a better material but for first time training kit and for something to give you a taste in anal training, then they are definitely worth it.

Bondara’s anal butt plug training kit £17.99

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Love Vivienne violet


Lovehoney Bionic bullet beaded anal wand vibrator

Easy to clean, safe and pleasurable is my key points when looking for an anal toy so when I saw the Lovehoney’s bionic anal wand I was instantly curious.

Although I have plenty of anal toys I have never had a vibrating anal toy, the idea of a vibrating one would not only be great to add to my collection but looked very pleasing in offering me a new sensation.

anal wand


8 inches in length (5inches insertable) this beaded wand has 6 beads that measure just under 3 inches. Made from smooth silicone this toy is soft to the touch and is firm easily flexible with no worry of it breaking or snapping. The handle of the bionic anal wand has a built in bullet which takes 1xAAA battery and offers 2 vibration speeds and 3 vibrating patterns.

The bionic anal wand also contains no latex or phthalates making it perfect for those with allergies and it is also safe with a water based lubricant.

How to use

The bionic anal wand is very easy to use. All you need to do is add some water based lubricant (best to stay away from silicone lubricant) on the anal beads and insert them in one by one. Then you press the small button at the end of the handle and choose the vibration you desire or you could use the toy with no vibration and let the beads work there magic on their own. To clean this toy is also easy, just use warm water and a sex toy cleaner or anti bacterial soap and rinse thoroughly. The bionic anal wand is not waterproof so don’t submerge the handle under water.

anal wand pack

My verdict

The lovehoney’s bionic bullet anal wand arrived quickly and in discreet packaging. The toy came in its very own box and included an information leaflet with it. The first thing I noticed when I got this toy out was how soft if feels, this toy really is smooth to touch and is easy to bend yet it is strong and doesn’t get disfigured when bent.

After putting some water based lubricant on the anal beads I inserted the toy one bead at a time, now I don’t know if it is because I have done a lot of anal play before that I have become more accustomed to inserting toys in my bum or if it was due to the silicone material this toy is made from but this toy was so easy to insert.

After the Bionic anal wand was fully inserted I pressed the button by the handle and started to experiment with the vibration settings. This was a lot of fun and my favourite setting was number two which offers the strongest vibration, it is also quiet so I didn’t have to worry about others hearing me use it. The only down side was that sometimes when holding on to the handle I would accidently change the setting. The bionic anal wand really did give me a different sensation due to the vibrations and I will definitely be investing in more vibrating anal toys.

Another pro with this toy was how easy it is to clean due to the material, being made of silicone this toy is less porous than toys made of jelly material making it much safer to use. I would highly recommend the Lovehoney’s Bionic bullet anal wand to others, whether you are new to anal play or advanced this toy is good for everyone. I have had mine now for over a month and have used it numerous times yet it is still in very good condition and is now one of my favourite toys.

 Lovehoney’s bionic bullet anal wand £16.99 (UK Store)

Lovehoney’s bionic bullet anal wand $24.99 (US Store)

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