The man that held the orgasms

(Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect others identities)

His breath was heavy, so heavy that it gave me goose bumps. His voice was saturated with lust, strong lust, primal lust that one can only get when they are in the peak of passion. I listened to him carefully; I savoured his words as if they were holy.

This was not normal for me, if anything it wasn’t me but this encounter was different; it sparked excitement in me that was unique and new to any other experience I had ever had.

Powerful and articulate, Collin* moved to England 5 months previously from Scotland. He was training on becoming an actor and was regularly in the theatre playing small and sometimes even leading roles.

I had met him when my local theatre house was holding a vintage market. Collin* was by the entrance when he caught my eye; he was tall, with mousy brown hair to his shoulders and piercing blue eyes. He wasn’t the type of man that I normally felt attracted to but there was something about him that lured me in.

After speaking for a while it was obvious the attraction was mutual yet I felt no connection; no connection physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually but I felt a connection sexually, a strong connection that surprised me as our conversation had so far been polite.

We later exchanged numbers and although we spoke for a while there was nothing in our conversation that kept me on edge but I lured for him to take me; I was engrossed in fantasies about him yet didn’t care of the conversations that we spoke of.

I was about to cut all ties, believing it was a waste of both our energy when Collin* phoned me, telling me it was time to stop this endless charade and get down to what we really wanted, a night of passion.

In other scenarios I would have taken this as an insult. I am not the type of woman to have one night stands, yes I may have had friends with benefits but never do I just sleep with a random man I had just met, especially if there was no connection in any other department but with such a blunt statement, I was relieved that he also felt the same.

Pressed against the wall, Collin* caressed my breast while biting my earlobe. Although both of us were still fully dressed I could feel his erection through his trousers as he pushed it against my groin. I felt powerless, like I was under a spell of pure lust and passion. We made our way to the bedroom and both dropped to the bed, tearing each others clothes off whilst locked in an embrace. Collins* body was well sculptured, lean and yet strong, you could see the perfectly formed muscles through his flesh. His penis was large and incredibly thick; it was the most beautiful penis I had ever seen.

Fondling his penis in my hands, I played with his penis. Stroking it, licking it, kissing it, sucking it, I could have done so for hours. Collin* was breathing heavily, light groans escaped his lips; I could feel his penis pulsating until he gently yet quickly laid me on my back. Biting my earlobe, Collin* moved down my body, lightly digging his teeth into every sensitive spot he could find. He bit gently on my clitoris then vigoursly swirling his tongue around it until it made my legs tremble, I scurried but he pinned my thighs down with his hands and continued. I was in pure ecstasy and close to having an orgasm when he stopped; he climbed back on top of me and told me firmly ‘don’t you dare come yet!’

Collin* then pushed his large penis deep inside of me, making me squeal with excitement. His thrusts pounded into me, in perfect motion and speed he was hitting my G-spot, I gasped for air, digging my nails into his back as he continued to fuck me at force. I was close again but he stopped, he denied me another orgasm. He turned me over onto my stomach, this time more roughly. He climbed back on top off me and in my ear he told me again ‘don’t you dare come yet!’

Collin* then re-entered his penis, causing me to squeal again as his thighs locked my legs shut. Again he was hitting the spot; he was doing so on purpose. He knew I was close to coming, he could feel my vagina contracting but he kept repeating ‘don’t you dare come yet!’ every time I had a contraction.

‘Why?’ I begged; I felt the orgasm building stronger and stronger inside of me.

Collin* then stopped, again I lost an orgasm and was now starting to become irritable. Collin* pulled me up towards him and started to gently rub his fingers over my clitoris, getting more firmer in his touch he leaned into my ear and in his deep Scottish accent he replied ‘because I want you to have the most earth shattering orgasm of you’re life, so don’t come until I say so’. He was assertive in his words; his fingers were becoming firmer on my clitoris. It felt like torture, a pleasurable torture that I wanted to end yet still continue.

This continued for hours, he brought me to orgasm in so many ways yet deprived me of feeling them. Facing towards the wall he entered me again, his one hand around the back of my neck and his other teasing my clitoris. I could feel his penis pulsating inside of me, my vagina was also contracting strongly, and I could feel it getting warmer. I was close to coming again and just as I was ready for him to deprive me yet of another orgasm he didn’t, instead he whispered the words I had been yearning to hear all night ‘you can come now’

Those words alone set my heart racing. As he pushed his penis in deeper and faster I felt my knees starting to go weak, my groans become louder and my mind become numb. The orgasm was powerful, so powerful that it lasted longer than any other orgasm I had previously experienced. I was panting for breath, shivers went through my body and moans of pleasure escaped my mouth.

Collin* was thrusting erratically, his breathing getting louder and his grip on my neck stronger until he let out a gasp. I felt his penis pulsating in me, his grip on my neck became lose and he buried his head in my shoulder as he let out muffled groans.

We collapsed on the bed after and fell into a deep sleep.

The morning arrived, I woke in a haze, was what happened last night true? Or did I just dream this. I was unsure, until I saw Collin* beside me. He was stirring, I just watched. How could this man who I know nothing about or care to know about give me the best sex of my life? Maybe that was why he could?. Collin* awoke whilst I was getting dressed. I told him I had to go, I had a busy day ahead of me and needed to get home. He smiled; I think we both shared the same feeling. Sex last night was so great that it couldn’t be redone; a morning quickie would ruin it so it is best to stop now.

I left shortly after, I was worried I would feel cheap but I didn’t I felt more alive than I ever had been, I still smile about that encounter to this day.

I have since then not had another one night stand and doubt I ever will again but I don’t regret the night I did, sometimes sexual connection is all some people share, a powerful one that can erupt at any giving moment, so why not make the most of it? Why not for a couple of hours allow yourself pleasure and pleasure only?

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The 18 year old: Moving on

Part 6

Continued from… The 18 year old: Fantasy meets reality


(Disclaimer: This article is based on true events from my life but names have been changed to protect individuals)


Nothing lasts for ever, especially me and Aarons* dynamic. It’s true that a relationship could, that we could both work towards that but when neither of us had much in common apart from sex, how can it? I wasn’t so naïve to believe it could and although Aaron* was younger, even he wasn’t that naive.

We continued for a couple more months, pushing each others boundaries and having a lot of fun in the process, yet we were slightly drifting apart.

It is hard to move on to others when you both continue to sleep together, we wasn’t meeting as much as before or in as regular contact but our dynamic was creating a wedge between our future prospects. We both knew it was coming, a passionate sex life like ours was not just going to fade away easily, we both needed to do the right thing, to end it once and for all. Cold turkey was about to begin.

To say it wasn’t hard is an understatement. I craved Aarons* touch; how vigorous he could be, how energetic and enthusiastic he was. I found it hard to find others who were the same, maybe it was because I ‘trained’ Aaron* to my likings and that was why I was no longer pleased?

I could have ‘trained’ another but they wouldn’t be Aaron* and I didn’t really want to make it a hobby of mine either. That is when I decided what needed to be done; I needed someone who was going to show me something different, someone who was going to open my eyes to new possibilities and I knew exactly who this person would be.

“Hello you” He said, I hadn’t heard that voice for such a long time.

“Hey” I replied, sounding sheepish

“So, how can I help you gorgeous?”

“We need to meet” I sounded maybe to enthusiastic but I couldn’t help it “can you meet?” now I probably sounded desperate.

“Sure” was his response.

We made arrangements to meet, two days from now. I wished it was sooner, I had so much to tell him and so much excitement bubbling up in me but I knew I would have to be patient.

The two days passed and as I sat in the coffee shop, I wondered ‘can others see how excited I look?’ ‘Do they do this too?’ I always liked guessing what people do in life, even down to sex, it passes the time.

The door of the coffee shopped opened; I looked up and saw the person I was going to meet. My old mentor: Michael*.

Michael* hadn’t changed a bit, he still looked the same; he still had that devious glint in his eyes and that cheeky grin and I still lusted over him.

I told Michael* about my new adventures, about me and Aaron* and how I had been helping him with his confidence. Michael* looked impressed, he nodded and smiled whilst I spoke.

“So it looks like you are still the same girl I met all those years ago” he said giving me a wink

“And may I ask what girl is that?” I replied

“A girl always out looking for new adventures; you always loved the challenges, I could see it in you’re eyes the first day I met you. That is why I liked you, we shared a bond”

I wanted to ask Michael* if it was hard for him to have gone cold turkey with having sex with me but then I didn’t, Michael* had so many girls he probably didn’t even notice.

“What do you want to ask me?” he said abruptly, he was good at reading my thoughts.

“Just” I thought a bit about what I was going to say “was it hard for you to have gone cold turkey with me?”

Michael didn’t think for long, he looked me square in the eyes and said “every fucking day it is”

We went back to mine, Michael* took me to my room and removed all my clothing, he bent me over the bed and started to do cunninglus whilst I was bent over. I loved when he done that. Then, just as I was reaching climate he stopped and spanked me with his bare hand across my ass. I let out a yelp, he continued again; one thud, two thuds, three thuds each time getting harder, sharper.

I heard him undoing his belt, I knew what was coming.

I needed to be dominated again, someone who knew me and how to please me. I felt him push himself into me, hard and deeply. Grabbing my hair Michael* demanded I take it like a good girl; he pinched my nipple and made me squirm. I came, I hadn’t orgasmed like that for such a long time that my knees become like jelly, the last time I had such an orgasm was when Aaron* double penetrated me.

Michael* pulled me to face him, I knew what he wanted. I placed his penis in my mouth and cleaned off all my juices. To some this may sound gross but it really is something I have always found hugely arousing. Michael* stopped me, he pulled out and ejaculated all over my body, there was so much. He knew I was fussy when it came to my mouth, I was glad he still remembered. After he finished he cleaned me up and lay down next to me. We spoke some more, laughed and joked. It felt like nothing had changed. Was that good or bad? But I needed such a harsh fucking, a fucking to help me stop craving for Aarons*.

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The 18 year old: Fantasy meets reality

Part 5


Continued from The 18 year old: The Corruption


(Disclaimer: This article is based on true events from my life but names have been changed to protect individuals)


We kissed passionately at the door, I had been looking forward to seeing Aaron* as I knew what was coming, Aaron* couldn’t contain his excitement, dragging me up the stairs whilst we was still kissing, we both knew the reason why we were both excited, it was double penetration time.

The last couple of days had been anguish, the build up to meeting Aaron* next was eating away at me, and I was getting more aroused by the day. I fantasised at how great it would be, I had never been so excited but I tried to brush the fantasies off. Sometimes the reality just never lives up to it.

I already had the dildo and lubricant ready on my bedside table; I was that eager I prepared everything hours beforehand.

We fell into the bed, tearing each others clothes off until we were both fully naked. My hands caressed Aarons* perfectly sculptured body, he had such smooth silky skin that if I wasn’t so physically attracted to him, I would have been envious instead. His muscular body was powerful, his abs were strong and well defined. All his rugby training was paying off. Aaron* was kissing my neck, whispering in my ear how excited I was making him, whilst rubbing his fingers over my nipples. We continued like this for another hour, wrapped in intense pleasure we teased each other in every way possible, not one part of our bodies went untouched until we both knew it was time to venture into new territories.

Grabbing me by my thighs, Aaron* flipped me on to my stomach. I loved him doing that, I loved his strength and assertiveness; I started to really appreciate how far he had come. I giggled when I landed on my stomach; that’s a trait of mine, I’ve had since I lost my virginity. I giggle a lot in sex, to me sex should be fun, and how can it not be? Aaron* gave out a laugh and spanked me gently on my bum “shh you” he told me before biting into my neck.

It went silent for a bit, I knew why, Aaron* was wondering what to do. Although Aaron* had improved a lot, he still, every now and then needed a little nudge of encouragement to get him going. I reached over to the bed side cabinet and grabbed the pink vibrating dildo and lubricant. I poured loads of lubricant over the dildo and rubbed it over it. “Always make sure you use plenty of lube” I advised Aaron*.

When the dildo was fully lubricated I passed it to Aaron*

“Now” I said “just gently slide it into my ass”

“Ok” Aaron replied, I didn’t know if he was nervous or excited or a bit of both but he was so gentle that the toy wasn’t sliding in. I told him he can be a bit more firm in doing so but he told me he was worried, “what if it hurt you?” he asked. I turned my head around and held onto the tip of the dildo, with that I guided it in, showing him how firm to slide in the dildo without hurting me. Once fully inserted, I held onto Aarons* hand that was still at the base of the dildo. I guided his hand, showing him how gently to push it in and out, what speed to go at until I was confident enough that he could proceed on his own. When Aaron* was ready, I climbed myself up on all fours and bent my head down. I felt Aaron* push his penis inside my vagina, starting slowly he was going in the same rhythm as the dildo he was pushing into my ass. Picking up more pace I was quivering in pleasure, Aaron* turned the dildos vibrator on and I felt myself coming in minutes. I didn’t want to, I wanted it to last longer but I knew it was going to happen any minute.

“God you are dripping” Aaron* exclaimed and I was!

“Im going to come soon” I cried.

With me saying that Aaron* pushed himself in me deeper, still with one hand controlling the dildo, he used his other hand to grab my hair, so that my head tilted up. He was behaving so dominant and I loved it.

With that I came, I felt the ecstasy take over my whole body, it became weak and felt lifeless and all I could do was pant. Aaron* was still thrusting, harder and harder and I knew he was coming as well; he always picked up more pace when he was. Then he released his grip on my hair, I felt his hand lower from the dildo and he let out a huge breath before collapsing next to me on the bed. We both just laid there for what seemed like hours, both smiling to ourselves yet too exhausted to move.

Yet I felt sadness, I knew his training was now coming to an end. Aaron* had improved so much in the last couple of months that you would have never have believed that he was once sexually shy. It was time to move on, we both needed too but for the time being I kept that thought to myself. He looked to happy to ruin the moment and I was too happy too, happy that he managed to make reality better than fantasy.

To be continued…

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The 18 year old: The corruption

Part 4

Continued from The 18 year old: The awakening


(Disclaimer: This article is based on true events of my life but names have been changed to protect individuals)

There is something erotic in corrupting innocence isn’t there? Showing them a new world, a more pleasurable world than the one they already know.

I started to understand why others enjoyed age gap play, I myself was starting too.

I could see myself in Aaron*, when I was 18 I also dated a man much older than myself, 12 years older to be exact. I wondered if he saw the same appeal in me that I now saw in Aaron*? I wondered if he planned to train me how he did or if it just happened but what I did know was his training had worked. Everything I had learnt from him I was now passing on to Aaron*, in hope that he would also pass it on in the future.

I enjoyed my time with the man who trained me, so much so that I vowed never to date younger or even my own age again, lets face it, could a man younger teach me as much as a man 12 years my senior could? I didn’t think so but Aaron* showed me differently. I learnt to take on more responsibility, a man’s emotions at 35 are different to a man’s emotions at 18, and you have to be more delicate, more tactful. You have to emotionally support them more than an older man, you have to also give them the independence and belief that they can continue without you. You don’t just become a sex trainer, you become an agony aunt.

You realise that the pleasure in this type of dynamic isn’t just focused on you, you can get lost in the pleasure this dynamic creates. You are they’re mentor – they aim to learn and please you, it is easy to become absorbed but it isn’t just about you, it’s about them too. I am firm believer that if you don’t understand how to please yourself then how can you possibly please others? I made sure I gave Aaron* a lot of satisfaction, more so than I had ever done with another man and just like my past trainer, I reaped in the benefits of Aarons* happiness.

I took Aaron* to a sex toy shop, I could see he was blustered when we entered; I was also when my trainer took me to my first.

“So” I asked Aaron* “what toy do you want to try?”

Aaron* looked at me nervously, he was too embarrassed to look

“Umm, I don’t know. What do you like” he shrugged.

I could see his discomfort, I had told him two days beforehand that we was going to visit a sex toy shop, he was fine with the idea, excited even but it looked like all the different sized dildos had overwhelmed him.

“Well lets just browse and see what they have” I encouraged.

We browsed through the aisles of the store, Aaron* was still being shy, so I made most of the conversation. Until we spotted a pink vibrating dildo on one of the shelves “don’t you have that?” he spoke

“I do” I replied

“What does it do” he asked, oh what innocence he still maintains.

I explained to him what it done, how it worked and what pleasure I got from it. This fortunately started the ball rolling and Aaron* became more confident and engaging with each sex toy we past.

“These look fun” Aaron* announced, holding in his hands a pack of two vibrating cock rings. They were simple toys, one off toys that you had to throw after the battery died but I was happy that Aaron* had found something he was keen on trying.

“Great, we’ll get them” I told him “we will get this too” holding up a bullet vibrator in my hand. I didn’t want to get anything intimidating at first, he needed to be broken in slowly in the world of sex toys and although I already had quite an intimidating set of toys back at home which Aaron* had seen, I still had not used them with him, yet.

Aaron*enjoyed using the sex toys we had bought together, he killed both of the batteries on the cock rings and enjoyed the bullet vibrator. He liked using it on me, first he watched what I done with it and then he followed, taking the bullet and using it on myself. I showed him the different ways he could use the bullet vibrator, that you didn’t only have to use it on a clitoris but also on the vulva, the anus and nipples, That I could also use it on him too; around his anus, penis and testicles. The more Aaron* relaxed into the idea of toys the more experimental he became with them, which to me was great. I love Experimenting and it looked like Aaron* did too. He would come up with new ideas, text me late at night with what he next wanted to try. His imagination was taking off; his confidence was rocketing as well as his penis.

‘I want to do double penetration’ he text me one day, I was stunned to say the least! Did he want another man involved?

‘How do you mean’ I replied and eagerly waited for his response.

‘With that pink vibrating dildo, I want to use that whilst I am in you’ I was chuffed, it sounded like fun, something new for me to try but I had one question ‘which hole?’

I might have already done anal sex but I wasn’t ready to do it with Aaron*, anal sex is something I can’t do readily; I can only do it with a man I love and trust. Aaron* knew of this.

‘The vibrators in you’re ass and I will be in your pussy’ he replied back ‘is that ok?’ he then sent a second after.

‘Of course, when we next meet’ I replied.

I tried to hold of my excitement, I didn’t want to show him just yet but I was probably more excited than he was about the concept.

I then received another text from Aaron*

‘You have corrupted me’

He didn’t need to text me that, I knew so already.

To be continued…

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The 18 year old: The awakening

Part 3

Continued from The 18 year old: The training begins

(Disclaimer: This article is based on true events of my life but names have been changed to protect individuals)

The cinema was dark, dark and empty, perfect – just how I wanted it to be. I knew I wouldn’t be watching any movie that night, I had other plans. Sitting on the top row, Aaron* was next to me. We was the only ones on the top row, including around 5 others below us, we purposely chosen a late night Monday movie with bad ratings.

Aaron* wanted to venture out of the house and car, we exhausted every room going and needed something new to spice it up. This was Aarons* first time location sex, although it wasn’t mine, it was the first time in a cinema, so I was also very excited to try something new.

I teased Aaron* through the movie, caressed his thigh and crotch with my hands and nibbled on his neck. Aaron* also caressed me, I purposely wore no underwear under my dress, it made it much more easier plus I needed to be prepared in case someone spotted something going on. Halfway through the movie I was ready, I couldn’t wait anymore, I waited enough and the anticipation was killing me. Aaron* could tell, it was killing him too.  He slowly inserted two fingers in me whilst his thumb rubbed my clitoris, he whispered in my ear “shh” it was hard to be quiet; I had to nuzzle my face into his chest to contain my excitement.

“Eat me out” I begged to him, “please eat me out” I was quite proud of how well I trained Aaron* to do cunninglious, he was excellent at it. Aaron* did what I asked, he got down on the floor and in between my legs, thinking of it now I don’t know how he managed to, those leg aisles in cinemas are small and being a 6ft 2 stocky rugby player it must have been a tight squeeze for him but he did it. I hiked up my dress to my waist and lifted my legs, placing my feet on the empty chairs in front of me.

I felt my leg quiver the whole time, the pleasure I was receiving was amazing but I was worried I was going to make too much noise, I had to bite my thumb in order for me not to make sound and in the process left quite impressive teeth marks in my skin.

When I was finished Aaron* sat back on his chair, I kissed him on the lips and slowly slid down in front of him onto my knees, being small it was much easier for me to fit into the aisle. I started to give him oral, starting slowly and getting more faster, I could hear him getting more excited and his penis was twitching more and more. That when it happened. His penis slid down the whole of my throat. Just like that and with no gagging or trouble I deepthroated for the first time in my life.

“Oh shit!” Aaron* said, loudly.

I quickly moved my mouth away, banging my head on the chair behind me, scared I had hurt him.

“Shh” I whispered “what’s the matter?”

He looked at me stunned “I felt that go all the way down you’re throat! What did you do?” he asked me.

“I think I deepthroated you by mistake, don’t you like it?” I responded, still whispering.

“I loved it” he whispered back “please don’t stop”

With that I continued and with ease kept on deepthroating him.

It was that night that I realised that this wasn’t all about me training Aaron* but that I too was learning and progressing. I had become comfortable so much with someone that I managed to do something I had for years been forcing myself to do and that was to deepthroat. I hadn’t felt this comfortable with someone sexually in a long time, maybe it was because Aaron* wasn’t intimidating in a sexual manner? I also hadn’t had so much fun sexually with someone for a long time, Aaron* made me fall in love with sex on a whole new level again, he brought back the spark that I had previously lost and then it dawned on me what that spark was, it was one of the three E’s; Enthusiasm. Coming out of a long term relationship, the enthusiasm died in it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my ex partner and we did have great sex but after a couple of years of being together, you get use to each others bodies, you don’t try as hard to experiment, everything becomes more routine, no matter how great it is. The enthusiasm to face new challenges together dies, the enthusiasm in general starts to die.

Aaron* taught me that, he made me realise that you always need enthusiasm in sex, no matter how long you have been together. I felt free with Aaron* like I could be myself again, maybe it was because there was no serious commitment between us that I felt I could be me but that’s when I realised that regardless of how me and Aaron* panned out in the long run that I always had to keep this spark and never to lose it again.

I told Aaron* this, I thanked him. At first he thought I had had enough and was ready to move on, of course I wasn’t, we still had much more fun to come but that he brought back something in my sex life that I had long lost: Enthusiasm.

To be continued…

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The 18 year old: The training begins

Part 2

Continued from… The 18 year old: The confession

(Disclaimer: Names have been changed in this article to protect individuals)

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months with the training of Aaron* and for me to say it wasn’t fun would be a big lie on my behalf. Aaron* was actually really good, better than what I had expected.

He was eager to learn, you could see the desire in his eyes and it aroused me even more with how eager he was. I would get constant text messages of excitement from him; it turned me on knowing how excited he was getting for me. I also realised that not only was I giving Aaron* new experiences but he was also giving me new ones in return.

I never criticized Aaron* because I never needed too, he held the three things I also hold dearly in sex ‘Enthusiasm, Energy and Experimental’ those three E’s are very important to me. Even if Aaron* didn’t possess the three E’s I would still never have criticized him; criticizing never helps build a persons confidence, it lowers it. Productive encouragement is the way forward and it helped! Within weeks, Aaron* was becoming more confident and started to realise that he actually was good in bed.

Another plus for Aaron* was he was very giving, he liked to please more than receive which is great but he would often rush, especially in positions as he felt he had to fit every position in the Karma sutra in one session. He needed to slow down.

On one session I told him so “You know Aaron* we don’t have to do so many positions in one go” I confided in him.

“But I thought you liked positions, you have so many cards and books on them” he responded.

“yes I do” I blushed “but to fit them all in a couple of hours is too much, we can’t fit in 60 in the space of three hours” I then reassured him that we will do them all, it would just be on different days.

With that Aaron* smiled.

The amount of energy Aaron* had was incredible, maybe it was because he was a rugby player or that his age had something to do with it but Aaron* really did give it his all. I loved being swung around, his strength was also excellent. With Aaron* I felt like a teenager. No matter the time of day or the location he always contained such energy that I found myself sexually aroused to just that. I knew I had it lucky, I also knew I was going to miss such energy when it was all over.

On one occasion we were out with friends in a night club, he disappeared off and then I got a text message, he sent me a picture of his erect penis and written ‘are you ready?’ ‘of course’ I responded – I was always ready. Aaron* was waiting in his car, I jumped in and we made our way back to mine. As soon as we got to mine Aaron* was tearing my clothes off, I always made sure not to wear expensive lingerie or lingerie that I wanted to keep with Aaron*, he would have ripped them to shreds within seconds.

We never made it to my bedroom that night, only the stairs. That was the night I taught him about cunninglious. Don’t get me wrong, Aaron* could do it but just lacked the confidence in doing so. I was his first time, I could see he was nervous and I realised I would have to show him. I showed him how to do it by giving him oral, you might be puzzled by that but one thing I learnt is what a partner does to you in sex (with how rough, biting, spanking, oral, speeds ect) is usually what they like on themselves as well.

I used the tip of my tongue on the head of his penis, I showed him how hard to press on a clitoris and the speed to use, I also used my mouth on the head of his penis so he knew how strongly to suck my clitoris. When he was ready, Aaron* returned the favour back to me, I was impressed that he was actually paying attention rather than just enjoying himself. He picked it up well and I would have been happy with him going down on me all night. After he had finished he entered me, Aaron* was fast and rough, how I liked it and also become more confident in using dirty talk, another thing that I enjoy. After I had orgasmed, Aaron* flipped me over and fucked me doggy style on the stairs. He done it hard, pulling my hair and actually taking control, something he struggled to do before. It was intense, remarkable and left me smiling about it for a long time after. Aaron* was also happy, he told me he felt more confident, that he was now realising he can please. I reminded him that he would always be learning how to satisfy a woman because every woman is different from the next and that he should always be willing to progress in sex and never to become lazy and feel like he knows it all, because let’s face it how can we? When every human is different, has different kinks, arousals, likes, how can we possibly know it all? We may know the basics but never every individual.

To be continued…

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The 18 year old: The Confession

Part One

(Disclaimer: This is based on a true experience of myself but names and locations have been changed to protect other individuals)

He lied! He told me he was the same age as me but he wasn’t; he was 18 years old, 5 years younger than me.

I know what you are thinking, that 5 years isn’t much of an age gap and that I was also still young but I had just came out of a long term relationship and was looking for more fun than commitment, 18 year olds are still impressionable, I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea or fall in love. I know, it sounds selfish; I had to walk away from this.

“Why did you lie to me?” I asked Aaron*

“Because you would never have gave me the chance if I told you the truth” was Aarons* reply.

That is true, even if I was after commitment, I wouldn’t have dated a man younger than myself, hell I don’t even date men my own age.

“Plus” Aaron* murmured “I want experience”

“Experience in what?!” I replied

Aaron* took a deep breath and in a low voice replied “In sex”

“You see, I have only ever had one sexual experience Vivienne, she dumped me soon after and went with another man. I know it’s my fault, I cant please”

Aaron* kept his head low when telling me this; he also tried to avoid eye contact. I felt for him, I really did. We have all been there and let’s face it; it’s not a nice feeling.

I tried to reassure Aaron* that the first time is never ‘great’ that it is highly unlikely that he can’t please and that he is still young, very attractive and has his whole life in front of him but he wouldn’t listen, he just kept shaking his head and telling me that I will never understand.

At 18 Aaron* was already a professional rugby player, scouted in Kenya at 14 he had lived the past 4 years in a British boarding school whilst training to become a professional sportsman. Tall and very handsome, the girls flocked around him but Aaron* always hid, I could never understand why, he had everything going for him but his one sexual experience really knocked his confidence. I had known Aaron* for a couple of weeks before his confession to me, although we flirted and met up a lot we still had not done anything sexual together, even though we both knew it was coming.

His confession changed my mind though, I couldn’t possibly sleep with him, yes it was legal but it was still too young for my liking. But there was one thing I had to know.

“Why me?” There are other women out there who will help him I asked him quizzically.

“Because you’re fun Vivienne, I know you would give me a good time. You constantly tease me, you have no inhibitions, you tell me so much about you’re fantasies and likes that I know you would help me”

I blushed; I can be a bit to honest at times, especially in the right company.

With that Aaron* left, not before telling me that he’ll be waiting for my answer, I told him it wouldn’t change and will stay a no but he replied back with something so true that it sent shivers down my spine “Come on Viv, we all know you like a challenge?” oh how true was that.

I left it a couple of days, met up with friends and discussed with them the latest events of my sex life, I was surprised to find most supported the idea of me ‘training’ Aaron* ‘as long as you both stick to friends with benefits, what’s the harm? It would be fun’ one of my friends said, the others agreed. I must admit that I started to quite like the idea myself, not so much because my friends supported it and believed it to be a great idea but more the fact of the challenge Aaron* had left me with.

I am a huge sucker for challenges, I live for experimenting, I make no apology for that and it’s true it could be fun, a lot of fun. I was getting extremely aroused with just the thought of how much fun it could be.

So I gave in, I texted Aaron* that it was a yes but first we needed to meet, make some ground rules.

Aaron* arrived the next day; he was still in his rugby kit, having been training most of the day. I won’t lie but he looked great in his kit and I had to fight the urge not to pounce on him just yet.

I sat Aaron* down, we talked a bit first, I told him my concerns that he might still be too young and that I was worried he would want something more. Aaron* listened; he agreed with my concerns and promised me he wasn’t after anything long term himself. I hoped he was being truthful.

I stood up, asked Aaron* when he had to get back to training; he told me he had two more hours before it starts again.

“Well then” I said, slipping down my summer dress to show him my naked body “we best start then”

Aaron* looked me up and down and giving me a cheeky grin replied “you know, I really shouldn’t before my training session” to which I replied “lesson one, spontaneous sex is always a plus”. Aaron gave me a wink and within a heartbeat had lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom.

To be continued… The 18 year old: The training begins

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Love Vivienne Violet


Tie me up….

I never thought much of bondage before, it wasn’t until I done modeling and was asked to collaborate with a photographer who’s specialty was shooting bondage/erotic art that I became interested in the whole bondage scene.

Scrolling through countless photographs he had produced, I was mesmerized; his work was so feminine, so beautiful yet so erotic. I agreed to collaborate with him, it didn’t take much to persuade me and I knew it would be a nice touch on my portfolio that mainly consisted of glamour, fashion and artistic nudity.

During the shoot I learnt of the different restraints used: fabric, rope, leather, chains, handcuffs and bondage tape. I never knew there were such a large variety of restraints and digging deeper I learnt of more bondage equipment such as leg spreaders, collar’s and leashes and ball gags.

The photo’s we produced were a success and even made it into an exhibition, with this success I worked with more photographers of this genre and even got bondage freebies after the shoots. I also started to buy bondage equipment myself for the photo shoots yet I still wasn’t fully satisfied; it was one thing posing with the equipment but what I really wanted to do was try the equipment.

It wasn’t until I met a man (let’s call him Joe) who was willing to try a bit of bondage with me that I finally got my wish. We started of slowly at first, a handcuff here, a spanking paddle there but before we knew it we were going full out in our fantasies. Joe loved being the dominant partner, which was good for me as I was much more aroused by being the submissive one.

Each time we had sex we became more adventurous and risky than the last time yet one thing we always had to do was to tie me up. For me there is nothing more arousing and stimulating than having a man have full control over me, the fact that I didn’t know what he was going to do next was a major turn on and I must admit that I had some of the most intense orgasms ever from being dominated. Joe also found the submissive me incredibly appealing. I asked him one day why he was so attracted to me being the submissive and his reply stunned me a little – I believed the reason was because he was in control, because he had the power over me but it wasn’t, it was the knowing that I fully trusted him that was the most arousing. Joe loved the fact that I trusted him so much that I would allow him to have full control over me and I equally loved the fact that I trusted him so much to know that I, regardless of how it looked; was safe in his presence.

Me and Joe always done bondage safely, we set boundaries and respected them. He knew my pain threshold and limitations and never crossed them, the slightest noise that I would make that wasn’t familiar to him he would stop immediately and ask if I was ok. We had safe words in place but we never felt the need to use them.

Me and Joe eventually came to an end, unfortunately there wasn’t enough bondage tape in the world that could have held us together but my love for bondage still persisted and I have since converted a few others into the world of restraints.

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Love Vivienne Violet