Review: Bondara’s Realistic Suction Dildo

Ever since I got my first dildo (Mr Harry) my love for dildos has grown, maybe too much as I now want every colour and size available.

Searching for a new dildo to add to my collection, I was after something realistic looking and feeling (I prefer realistic dildos the most, although I know some don’t) and came across hundreds of dildos to choose from on many sex toy sites.

What attracted me to Bondara’s Realistic suction cup dildo was it was 1) not too large as my other dildos but still grithy and 2) it looked the most natural looking from the other dildos I had seen.

Bondara's Realistic Suction dildo


Made of Phthalate-free PVC this dildo is 7 inches in length (not including suction cup) and 5.75 inches insertable and has a girth measurement of 5.2 inches. Realistic looking; this dildo is flesh coloured with detailed veins on the shaft and a realistic head, it also has a scrotum and a strong yet sturdy suction cup attached at the base of it.

How to use

This dildo can be used vaginally or anally although due to its porous nature it is best to use a condom with this dildo for anal and not to share with others. Having a suction cup attached at the base you not only can use this dildo manually with hands but stick it to any solid smooth surface and use it with a strap on harness.

To clean these dildos just use warm water (not boiling as it can damage the material) and a mild anti-bacterial soap or sex toy cleaner.

Bondara's realistic suction dildo

My verdict

The Bondara’s realistic suction dildo arrived discreetly and quickly and came in its own plastic packaging. The size and look of this dildo looks exactly the same or if not better than what it does on Bondara’s website so I was very happy with this.

I also liked not only how realistic this dildo looks but also how soft the material is, although it is firm, it is also flexible and smooth to the feel.

As I am only using this dildo vaginally I didn’t feel the need to use a condom with it after it was washed (always wash new sex toys first) but I still had to use a water based lubricant to fully insert this dildo, I blame my kegel exercises.

The Bondara’s realistic suction dildo entered me smoothly and easily and actually felt more ‘real’ inside me than my other two previous dildos. I believe this is because it is not as rigid (although still firm) as the others.

The suction cup on this dildo is also very strong and did not slide or lose its suction throughout my vigorous testing but it was also good to use as a handle if you prefer to use this dildo manually. I believe what gave me great orgasms with this dildo was not only the realness it portrays but also the head of this dildo is nicely shaped and makes it easier for me reaching my G-spot.

This dildo was also easy to clean; I used warm water and a mild antibacterial soap. The only down side I can find about this dildo is due to its material (PVC) it tends to go sticky when dry and collects dust but you can a buy sex toy powder which will stop this from happening or (Sneaky tip) use a mild none fragranced talcum powder instead.

I would highly recommend the Bondara’s Realistic suction dildo to other dildo lovers or anyone who is after a realistic looking and feeling dildo.

Bondara realisitic suction dildo £13.99

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The 18 year old: Moving on

Part 6

Continued from… The 18 year old: Fantasy meets reality


(Disclaimer: This article is based on true events from my life but names have been changed to protect individuals)


Nothing lasts for ever, especially me and Aarons* dynamic. It’s true that a relationship could, that we could both work towards that but when neither of us had much in common apart from sex, how can it? I wasn’t so naïve to believe it could and although Aaron* was younger, even he wasn’t that naive.

We continued for a couple more months, pushing each others boundaries and having a lot of fun in the process, yet we were slightly drifting apart.

It is hard to move on to others when you both continue to sleep together, we wasn’t meeting as much as before or in as regular contact but our dynamic was creating a wedge between our future prospects. We both knew it was coming, a passionate sex life like ours was not just going to fade away easily, we both needed to do the right thing, to end it once and for all. Cold turkey was about to begin.

To say it wasn’t hard is an understatement. I craved Aarons* touch; how vigorous he could be, how energetic and enthusiastic he was. I found it hard to find others who were the same, maybe it was because I ‘trained’ Aaron* to my likings and that was why I was no longer pleased?

I could have ‘trained’ another but they wouldn’t be Aaron* and I didn’t really want to make it a hobby of mine either. That is when I decided what needed to be done; I needed someone who was going to show me something different, someone who was going to open my eyes to new possibilities and I knew exactly who this person would be.

“Hello you” He said, I hadn’t heard that voice for such a long time.

“Hey” I replied, sounding sheepish

“So, how can I help you gorgeous?”

“We need to meet” I sounded maybe to enthusiastic but I couldn’t help it “can you meet?” now I probably sounded desperate.

“Sure” was his response.

We made arrangements to meet, two days from now. I wished it was sooner, I had so much to tell him and so much excitement bubbling up in me but I knew I would have to be patient.

The two days passed and as I sat in the coffee shop, I wondered ‘can others see how excited I look?’ ‘Do they do this too?’ I always liked guessing what people do in life, even down to sex, it passes the time.

The door of the coffee shopped opened; I looked up and saw the person I was going to meet. My old mentor: Michael*.

Michael* hadn’t changed a bit, he still looked the same; he still had that devious glint in his eyes and that cheeky grin and I still lusted over him.

I told Michael* about my new adventures, about me and Aaron* and how I had been helping him with his confidence. Michael* looked impressed, he nodded and smiled whilst I spoke.

“So it looks like you are still the same girl I met all those years ago” he said giving me a wink

“And may I ask what girl is that?” I replied

“A girl always out looking for new adventures; you always loved the challenges, I could see it in you’re eyes the first day I met you. That is why I liked you, we shared a bond”

I wanted to ask Michael* if it was hard for him to have gone cold turkey with having sex with me but then I didn’t, Michael* had so many girls he probably didn’t even notice.

“What do you want to ask me?” he said abruptly, he was good at reading my thoughts.

“Just” I thought a bit about what I was going to say “was it hard for you to have gone cold turkey with me?”

Michael didn’t think for long, he looked me square in the eyes and said “every fucking day it is”

We went back to mine, Michael* took me to my room and removed all my clothing, he bent me over the bed and started to do cunninglus whilst I was bent over. I loved when he done that. Then, just as I was reaching climate he stopped and spanked me with his bare hand across my ass. I let out a yelp, he continued again; one thud, two thuds, three thuds each time getting harder, sharper.

I heard him undoing his belt, I knew what was coming.

I needed to be dominated again, someone who knew me and how to please me. I felt him push himself into me, hard and deeply. Grabbing my hair Michael* demanded I take it like a good girl; he pinched my nipple and made me squirm. I came, I hadn’t orgasmed like that for such a long time that my knees become like jelly, the last time I had such an orgasm was when Aaron* double penetrated me.

Michael* pulled me to face him, I knew what he wanted. I placed his penis in my mouth and cleaned off all my juices. To some this may sound gross but it really is something I have always found hugely arousing. Michael* stopped me, he pulled out and ejaculated all over my body, there was so much. He knew I was fussy when it came to my mouth, I was glad he still remembered. After he finished he cleaned me up and lay down next to me. We spoke some more, laughed and joked. It felt like nothing had changed. Was that good or bad? But I needed such a harsh fucking, a fucking to help me stop craving for Aarons*.

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Sex toys for a good cause

Not only am I a lover of all things that vibrate and buzz but I am also a huge supporter in charities, especially charities that help not only basic human rights but educate others.

So when I recently read an article in The Guardian about a charity that is opening a new online sex toy shop, I was very intrigued.

The fpa is a registered charity based in the United Kingdom. Having been around for 85 years, the fpa has helped numerous people across the UK with sexuality, contraception, STD’s and much more.

This is also the same charity who run free courses (depending on location) to parents in teaching they’re children about sex education, who go to schools and teach children about safe sex and sexuality, support those who are living with HIV and campaign for abortion rights.

The fpa is the only registered charity within the UK running an online sex toy shop. Selling a variety of products from vibrators to condoms, butt plugs to lubricants, they offer you a wide range of new and exciting sex toys and do you know what is even better? By buying they’re sex toys you are giving them vital funds in helping this remarkable charity to continue helping others.

Now that is what I call sex toy satisfaction.

But not only does the fpa online sex toy shop (which is called fpa pleasure) sell products but they also have amazing tips and articles to share on they’re website, such as pleasure guides; which gives you a range of information on sex toys but also pillow talk; filled with loads of tips and advice on sexual health, relationships and much more.

I am very passionate and happy that a charity has made such a great innovative move and I will definitely be buying products from them in the near future. (online sex toy store) (charity website)

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The 18 year old: Fantasy meets reality

Part 5


Continued from The 18 year old: The Corruption


(Disclaimer: This article is based on true events from my life but names have been changed to protect individuals)


We kissed passionately at the door, I had been looking forward to seeing Aaron* as I knew what was coming, Aaron* couldn’t contain his excitement, dragging me up the stairs whilst we was still kissing, we both knew the reason why we were both excited, it was double penetration time.

The last couple of days had been anguish, the build up to meeting Aaron* next was eating away at me, and I was getting more aroused by the day. I fantasised at how great it would be, I had never been so excited but I tried to brush the fantasies off. Sometimes the reality just never lives up to it.

I already had the dildo and lubricant ready on my bedside table; I was that eager I prepared everything hours beforehand.

We fell into the bed, tearing each others clothes off until we were both fully naked. My hands caressed Aarons* perfectly sculptured body, he had such smooth silky skin that if I wasn’t so physically attracted to him, I would have been envious instead. His muscular body was powerful, his abs were strong and well defined. All his rugby training was paying off. Aaron* was kissing my neck, whispering in my ear how excited I was making him, whilst rubbing his fingers over my nipples. We continued like this for another hour, wrapped in intense pleasure we teased each other in every way possible, not one part of our bodies went untouched until we both knew it was time to venture into new territories.

Grabbing me by my thighs, Aaron* flipped me on to my stomach. I loved him doing that, I loved his strength and assertiveness; I started to really appreciate how far he had come. I giggled when I landed on my stomach; that’s a trait of mine, I’ve had since I lost my virginity. I giggle a lot in sex, to me sex should be fun, and how can it not be? Aaron* gave out a laugh and spanked me gently on my bum “shh you” he told me before biting into my neck.

It went silent for a bit, I knew why, Aaron* was wondering what to do. Although Aaron* had improved a lot, he still, every now and then needed a little nudge of encouragement to get him going. I reached over to the bed side cabinet and grabbed the pink vibrating dildo and lubricant. I poured loads of lubricant over the dildo and rubbed it over it. “Always make sure you use plenty of lube” I advised Aaron*.

When the dildo was fully lubricated I passed it to Aaron*

“Now” I said “just gently slide it into my ass”

“Ok” Aaron replied, I didn’t know if he was nervous or excited or a bit of both but he was so gentle that the toy wasn’t sliding in. I told him he can be a bit more firm in doing so but he told me he was worried, “what if it hurt you?” he asked. I turned my head around and held onto the tip of the dildo, with that I guided it in, showing him how firm to slide in the dildo without hurting me. Once fully inserted, I held onto Aarons* hand that was still at the base of the dildo. I guided his hand, showing him how gently to push it in and out, what speed to go at until I was confident enough that he could proceed on his own. When Aaron* was ready, I climbed myself up on all fours and bent my head down. I felt Aaron* push his penis inside my vagina, starting slowly he was going in the same rhythm as the dildo he was pushing into my ass. Picking up more pace I was quivering in pleasure, Aaron* turned the dildos vibrator on and I felt myself coming in minutes. I didn’t want to, I wanted it to last longer but I knew it was going to happen any minute.

“God you are dripping” Aaron* exclaimed and I was!

“Im going to come soon” I cried.

With me saying that Aaron* pushed himself in me deeper, still with one hand controlling the dildo, he used his other hand to grab my hair, so that my head tilted up. He was behaving so dominant and I loved it.

With that I came, I felt the ecstasy take over my whole body, it became weak and felt lifeless and all I could do was pant. Aaron* was still thrusting, harder and harder and I knew he was coming as well; he always picked up more pace when he was. Then he released his grip on my hair, I felt his hand lower from the dildo and he let out a huge breath before collapsing next to me on the bed. We both just laid there for what seemed like hours, both smiling to ourselves yet too exhausted to move.

Yet I felt sadness, I knew his training was now coming to an end. Aaron* had improved so much in the last couple of months that you would have never have believed that he was once sexually shy. It was time to move on, we both needed too but for the time being I kept that thought to myself. He looked to happy to ruin the moment and I was too happy too, happy that he managed to make reality better than fantasy.

To be continued…

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Review: The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads

I already have two sets of vibrating anal beads but I have never had classic anal beads. I have heard many things of anal beads, being a classic sex toy that originated from the east to increase pleasure; I thought I would give them a go.

So on my quest to find a new toy to try out and experiment with I stumbled across the Jumbo Thai Anal beads on

Jumbo Thai Anal beads


Made of jelly rubber and containing latex and phthalates, the Jumbo Thai Anal beads are 11 inches in length and contains ten graduated beads; smallest circumference being 2.5 inches and the largest 3 inches.

Although rigid, these beads are still flexible and are best used with a water based lubricant.

How to use

Before using, make sure the Jumbo Thai Anal beads are fully lubricated with a water based lubricant. Once fully lubricated, insert one anal bead in at a time (preferably the smallest if you are new to anal play) and then gradually build you’re way up to inserting more. Although the Jumbo Thai Anal beads has ten beads, it does not have a finger hook attached so for reasons of it not getting ‘stuck’ up there, never insert all ten of them at one go.

My Verdict

Arriving discreetly and well packaged and made of jelly rubber, The Jumbo Thai anal beads are smooth to touch and are sold only in black. I was quite surprised and slightly disappointed that these anal beads where not as large as I had imagined. Although they are slightly larger than other anal beads currently being sold on the market, they are not intimidating to use. If anything I’m starting to prefer larger toys in that *cough* area.

None the less, I got out a water based lubricant and tried them out. Being made of jelly rubber, these beads are firmer and more rigid than most. I personally prefer this as I find it much easier to insert but others may not like its rigidness. The only problem I found was, although designed with ten beads, this toy hasn’t got finger hook or any other device to hold on to whilst using so you will only be able to insert nine beads maximum.

The Jumbo Thai Anal beads were definitely enjoyable to use, although tricky to hold on to, they did create good stimulation and added a more intense pleasure in clitoral play. They are also easy to clean, using a mild antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner but due to being made of jelly rubber, I wouldn’t share this sex toy due to its porous nature.

The only downside I have with this toy is that there is no finger hook, so I was very wary of how deeply I inserted the Jumbo Thai Anal beads. Apart from that I would recommend the Jumbo Thai Anal beads to anyone who enjoys the use of anal beads or wants to try out anal beads for the first time.

The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads – £7.99 (UK store)

The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads – $11.99 (US store)

The Jumbo Thai Anal Beads – $12.95 (AUS store)

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Turned Dirty – Ceramic Sex toy Studio

Ceramic sex toys just like glass sex toys are a big hit with any sex toy enthusiast. Not only are they super hygienic to use and excellent with hot or cold play but they are stunning to look at and are even better to touch. So imagine if you heard of a new Ceramic sex Toy Company that not only offered you beautiful designs but also custom made designs of you’re choice?

Isn’t this what dreams are made of? To own a sex toy specifically made for us and not produced for the masses?

Well it looks like dreams do come true as I have recently discovered a new Ceramic set toy company starting up business.

Turned Dirty

Based in London and offering international shipping, Turned Dirty is a new small scaled business that not only designs but also creates beautiful ceramic sex toys using high quality materials, personal expertise and amazing craftsmanship.

Unlike other ceramic sex toys which are usually mass produced on an industrial scale; Turned Dirty works on a much smaller scale, giving not only more time and care of they’re products but also working with you the customer in creating the perfect ceramic toy, adding that special touch to you’re sex toy collection.

What does Turned Dirty offer that others don’t?

Turned Dirty not only gives they’re products more care and time than mass produced ceramic sex toys but also offers you individual and unique ceramic sex toys that you wont find anywhere else. Here are just some of the great benefits that Turned Dirty provides:


Designed for penetrative use (vaginally or anally) Turned Dirty’s ceramic sex toys are made of high quality clay and are produced in London, United Kingdom.

The quality of clay they use not only makes they’re products safe and long lasting but you wont have to worry about the toy being chipped or damaged (although you should always check you’re toy over before every use).

All of Turned Dirty’s products are hand painted with a non-porous glaze, making them hygienic and easy to clean.


All of Turned Dirty’s products are hand painted, giving you the customer not only a unique sex toy but also excellent craftsmanship.

Another plus is they also do custom made designs tailored to you’re likings. You heard correctly, you can design you’re very own sex toy! So whether you want a colour change or to go all the way out and add bumps, nodules or swirls the choice is yours. Just send them you’re design and they will help you or you’re partner’s dreams come true.

Get involved

Not only can you design you’re very own sex toy but you can even get involved in the making of it. Turned Dirty offers you a great opportunity to come down to they’re ceramic studio and get involved in the process. You will meet the experts and watch them in action creating you’re very own design. All this and a cup of tea or coffee included, what is not to love?

Eco Friendly

All of Turned Dirty’s ceramic sex toys are made of high quality, responsible resourced clay and use electric run kilns. So you can have plenty of earth shattering orgasms without the fear of actually shattering the earth in the process.

So if you are interested in getting you’re hands on reasonably priced, high quality and handmade ceramic sex toys that are designed to give you pleasure and to last a lifetime then Turned Dirty is the place for you. Ceramic sex toys will not only look great in you’re toy box (and feel great) but would be a perfect gift to that special person in you’re life and a memorable one too.

Or if you are not interested in buying a ceramic sex toy but are keen to sponsor and support small independent traders, then why not show you’re love and send them a donation instead.

Turned Dirty

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The 18 year old: The corruption

Part 4

Continued from The 18 year old: The awakening


(Disclaimer: This article is based on true events of my life but names have been changed to protect individuals)

There is something erotic in corrupting innocence isn’t there? Showing them a new world, a more pleasurable world than the one they already know.

I started to understand why others enjoyed age gap play, I myself was starting too.

I could see myself in Aaron*, when I was 18 I also dated a man much older than myself, 12 years older to be exact. I wondered if he saw the same appeal in me that I now saw in Aaron*? I wondered if he planned to train me how he did or if it just happened but what I did know was his training had worked. Everything I had learnt from him I was now passing on to Aaron*, in hope that he would also pass it on in the future.

I enjoyed my time with the man who trained me, so much so that I vowed never to date younger or even my own age again, lets face it, could a man younger teach me as much as a man 12 years my senior could? I didn’t think so but Aaron* showed me differently. I learnt to take on more responsibility, a man’s emotions at 35 are different to a man’s emotions at 18, and you have to be more delicate, more tactful. You have to emotionally support them more than an older man, you have to also give them the independence and belief that they can continue without you. You don’t just become a sex trainer, you become an agony aunt.

You realise that the pleasure in this type of dynamic isn’t just focused on you, you can get lost in the pleasure this dynamic creates. You are they’re mentor – they aim to learn and please you, it is easy to become absorbed but it isn’t just about you, it’s about them too. I am firm believer that if you don’t understand how to please yourself then how can you possibly please others? I made sure I gave Aaron* a lot of satisfaction, more so than I had ever done with another man and just like my past trainer, I reaped in the benefits of Aarons* happiness.

I took Aaron* to a sex toy shop, I could see he was blustered when we entered; I was also when my trainer took me to my first.

“So” I asked Aaron* “what toy do you want to try?”

Aaron* looked at me nervously, he was too embarrassed to look

“Umm, I don’t know. What do you like” he shrugged.

I could see his discomfort, I had told him two days beforehand that we was going to visit a sex toy shop, he was fine with the idea, excited even but it looked like all the different sized dildos had overwhelmed him.

“Well lets just browse and see what they have” I encouraged.

We browsed through the aisles of the store, Aaron* was still being shy, so I made most of the conversation. Until we spotted a pink vibrating dildo on one of the shelves “don’t you have that?” he spoke

“I do” I replied

“What does it do” he asked, oh what innocence he still maintains.

I explained to him what it done, how it worked and what pleasure I got from it. This fortunately started the ball rolling and Aaron* became more confident and engaging with each sex toy we past.

“These look fun” Aaron* announced, holding in his hands a pack of two vibrating cock rings. They were simple toys, one off toys that you had to throw after the battery died but I was happy that Aaron* had found something he was keen on trying.

“Great, we’ll get them” I told him “we will get this too” holding up a bullet vibrator in my hand. I didn’t want to get anything intimidating at first, he needed to be broken in slowly in the world of sex toys and although I already had quite an intimidating set of toys back at home which Aaron* had seen, I still had not used them with him, yet.

Aaron*enjoyed using the sex toys we had bought together, he killed both of the batteries on the cock rings and enjoyed the bullet vibrator. He liked using it on me, first he watched what I done with it and then he followed, taking the bullet and using it on myself. I showed him the different ways he could use the bullet vibrator, that you didn’t only have to use it on a clitoris but also on the vulva, the anus and nipples, That I could also use it on him too; around his anus, penis and testicles. The more Aaron* relaxed into the idea of toys the more experimental he became with them, which to me was great. I love Experimenting and it looked like Aaron* did too. He would come up with new ideas, text me late at night with what he next wanted to try. His imagination was taking off; his confidence was rocketing as well as his penis.

‘I want to do double penetration’ he text me one day, I was stunned to say the least! Did he want another man involved?

‘How do you mean’ I replied and eagerly waited for his response.

‘With that pink vibrating dildo, I want to use that whilst I am in you’ I was chuffed, it sounded like fun, something new for me to try but I had one question ‘which hole?’

I might have already done anal sex but I wasn’t ready to do it with Aaron*, anal sex is something I can’t do readily; I can only do it with a man I love and trust. Aaron* knew of this.

‘The vibrators in you’re ass and I will be in your pussy’ he replied back ‘is that ok?’ he then sent a second after.

‘Of course, when we next meet’ I replied.

I tried to hold of my excitement, I didn’t want to show him just yet but I was probably more excited than he was about the concept.

I then received another text from Aaron*

‘You have corrupted me’

He didn’t need to text me that, I knew so already.

To be continued…

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Love Vivienne Violet


Review: Pink Mr Realist

I am not overly fussed with dildos to be honest, I prefer toys that vibrate than more than anything but as I only have one dildo (Mr Harry) and he delivered his promises I decided to try out another dildo but this time I wanted one less real looking in colour, less large and made of a material much more easier to clean and look after.

I decided to get the Pink Mr Realist on Bondara, a silicone made dildo.

Pink Mr Realist


Pink Mr Realist comes in a hot pink colour (not my ideal colour choice but try finding many toys that are not ‘pink’) and is available in 4 different sizes. The smallest dildo measures 5 inches insertable and the largest measuring 7.5 inches insertable.

Made of silicone, this dildo is very soft to the touch and has vein detailing on the shaft of the dildo for a more realistic feeling.

It is also waterproof and has a suction cup at the base so you have the option of using this dildo hands free.

How to use

Being made of silicone, a non porous material; you can use Pink Mr Realist where ever you please (vaginally or anally) and this dildo is also very easy to clean. Just remember that if you use lubricant with this dildo to use water based lubricant and not a silicone based one as it could damage the dildo.

Having a suction cup, it not only gives you a better grip when using this toy but you can use it hands free on a solid, smooth surface but also with a strap on kit.

Pink Mr Realist

My verdict

Arriving discreetly, Pink Mr Realist arrived in its very own box and was well packaged. I ordered the 6.5 inches dildo (5.5 inches insertable) and was surprised to see how lightweight yet solid this dildo felt.

This dildo is very soft to the touch and what was even better was it is very easy to clean due to it being made of silicone. Being flexible I was able to insert Pink Mr Realist much more easily and comfortably than other toys and as he is not as girthy as Mr Harry, I didn’t need use as much lubricant.

The head of Pink Mr Realist is also smooth and slightly larger than the shaft, which I found was perfect for G-spot stimulation. The suction cup and scrotum of this dildo was also great for holding, giving me a better grip when using this toy.

For orgasms this dildo is definitely worth the buy and although hot pink in colour, it does feel very realistic to use. I like also how this dildo can be used not only by hands but also hands free and with a strap on. The only down side I found though was the suction cup is not as strong as others; probably due to the suction cup size. Although it does stay firmly in place, it won’t stay there longer than others and has a tendency to slide on a solid surface.

If you are looking for a dildo; a less scary version of Mr Harry then I would recommend getting Pink Mr Realist. He is not only less intimidating but also much easier to clean and care for and his material (silicone) is much more hygienic than other dildo materials.

Mr Pink Realist £14.99 – £21.99

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Practicing BDSM Without a Dominant

Some great advice by Uncollared Pup on practising submission without a Dom.

Uncollared Pup

tumblr_no3ji2SxnZ1uuy6gho1_500Finding a Dom is tough and also finding one who is real is even tougher. I’ve had advances from Doms who turned out not to be real Doms which is heartbreaking, but it is possible to practice BDSM without a Dominant. Even though you won’t be able to properly ‘discipline’ yourself without a Dominant there are other things that you can do: practice commands, practice submission positions, and many other things. 

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The 18 year old: The awakening

Part 3

Continued from The 18 year old: The training begins

(Disclaimer: This article is based on true events of my life but names have been changed to protect individuals)

The cinema was dark, dark and empty, perfect – just how I wanted it to be. I knew I wouldn’t be watching any movie that night, I had other plans. Sitting on the top row, Aaron* was next to me. We was the only ones on the top row, including around 5 others below us, we purposely chosen a late night Monday movie with bad ratings.

Aaron* wanted to venture out of the house and car, we exhausted every room going and needed something new to spice it up. This was Aarons* first time location sex, although it wasn’t mine, it was the first time in a cinema, so I was also very excited to try something new.

I teased Aaron* through the movie, caressed his thigh and crotch with my hands and nibbled on his neck. Aaron* also caressed me, I purposely wore no underwear under my dress, it made it much more easier plus I needed to be prepared in case someone spotted something going on. Halfway through the movie I was ready, I couldn’t wait anymore, I waited enough and the anticipation was killing me. Aaron* could tell, it was killing him too.  He slowly inserted two fingers in me whilst his thumb rubbed my clitoris, he whispered in my ear “shh” it was hard to be quiet; I had to nuzzle my face into his chest to contain my excitement.

“Eat me out” I begged to him, “please eat me out” I was quite proud of how well I trained Aaron* to do cunninglious, he was excellent at it. Aaron* did what I asked, he got down on the floor and in between my legs, thinking of it now I don’t know how he managed to, those leg aisles in cinemas are small and being a 6ft 2 stocky rugby player it must have been a tight squeeze for him but he did it. I hiked up my dress to my waist and lifted my legs, placing my feet on the empty chairs in front of me.

I felt my leg quiver the whole time, the pleasure I was receiving was amazing but I was worried I was going to make too much noise, I had to bite my thumb in order for me not to make sound and in the process left quite impressive teeth marks in my skin.

When I was finished Aaron* sat back on his chair, I kissed him on the lips and slowly slid down in front of him onto my knees, being small it was much easier for me to fit into the aisle. I started to give him oral, starting slowly and getting more faster, I could hear him getting more excited and his penis was twitching more and more. That when it happened. His penis slid down the whole of my throat. Just like that and with no gagging or trouble I deepthroated for the first time in my life.

“Oh shit!” Aaron* said, loudly.

I quickly moved my mouth away, banging my head on the chair behind me, scared I had hurt him.

“Shh” I whispered “what’s the matter?”

He looked at me stunned “I felt that go all the way down you’re throat! What did you do?” he asked me.

“I think I deepthroated you by mistake, don’t you like it?” I responded, still whispering.

“I loved it” he whispered back “please don’t stop”

With that I continued and with ease kept on deepthroating him.

It was that night that I realised that this wasn’t all about me training Aaron* but that I too was learning and progressing. I had become comfortable so much with someone that I managed to do something I had for years been forcing myself to do and that was to deepthroat. I hadn’t felt this comfortable with someone sexually in a long time, maybe it was because Aaron* wasn’t intimidating in a sexual manner? I also hadn’t had so much fun sexually with someone for a long time, Aaron* made me fall in love with sex on a whole new level again, he brought back the spark that I had previously lost and then it dawned on me what that spark was, it was one of the three E’s; Enthusiasm. Coming out of a long term relationship, the enthusiasm died in it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my ex partner and we did have great sex but after a couple of years of being together, you get use to each others bodies, you don’t try as hard to experiment, everything becomes more routine, no matter how great it is. The enthusiasm to face new challenges together dies, the enthusiasm in general starts to die.

Aaron* taught me that, he made me realise that you always need enthusiasm in sex, no matter how long you have been together. I felt free with Aaron* like I could be myself again, maybe it was because there was no serious commitment between us that I felt I could be me but that’s when I realised that regardless of how me and Aaron* panned out in the long run that I always had to keep this spark and never to lose it again.

I told Aaron* this, I thanked him. At first he thought I had had enough and was ready to move on, of course I wasn’t, we still had much more fun to come but that he brought back something in my sex life that I had long lost: Enthusiasm.

To be continued…

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Love Vivienne Violet